In preparations for the Holidays

December is a beautiful time of the year. Festive atmosphere all around us. Chanukah lights and Christmas lights, Santa 🎅 and Christmas tree are all exciting and special. During this time of the year, especially, I like to find interesting tips on holiday outfits, new food recipes for a family and friends get together, gift ideas that are simple and beautiful, DIY or where to buy. I think I will turn to video bloggers on YouTube for inspiration and ideas.

A great video blogger or great YouTube channel is similar to picking out an interesting book whose author either full of great ideas or simply entertaining or combination of the two. I will share my pick with you.

Here are video bloggers “In preparations for the Holidays”.

Celebrating Chanukah or looking for a new recipe on jelly / Nutella donuts 🍩 during this holiday season? This is your stop for a special and tasty recipe. Dorina even briefs you on the story of Chanukah while making donuts and why oil is used during this holiday.

Any holiday table will look impressively with healthy salads that are colorful and full of vitamins. And if you are pressed for time “easy to make” and healthy is a winning combination. Three colorful salads – raw vegan Christmas- are prepared in this video by Rawvanna.

Picking the right outfit is not always easy. Effortless beauty is not always as effortless as it seems at a first glance. For tips on how to put yourself together, pick the right outfit, mix and match blouses and skirts, blouses and pants, watch this video by Sidne and Ashley. It’s done in style and glamour. Sequence skirt is my favorite.

Ideas on Holidays outfits that are casual yet dressy. Traditional Christmas sweaters, how to wear them and what to pair up with.

Another video with great tips on Holiday outfits from Erin. Different, classic outfits with solid colors give you an idea or direction when choosing an outfit for yourself. This video is done in a casual and friendly style.

For a casual and hip look, Emily makes it look easy and gives you ideas on pairing up jeans or pants with ankle boots, which top to add and dress it up for a cold weather.

In this video Naomi gives you tips for a basic wardrobe, which patterns not to buy and why, what to buy and where and which clothing will give you most use out of.

Last but not least are gift ideas. Since Chanukah is this week and Christmas is coming shortly, here are the last minute gift ideas.
Last minute gift ideas from Jeremy Fragrance. I liked manicure set idea and green tea oil and Argan oil combo.

Great tech gift ideas under $50 by UrAvgConsumer. Great ideas and explanations on how to use recommended products. Mini tripod with remote control is my favorite.


Themed gift ideas in this video by Haley featuring purple lemonade shop and giveaways. Seramic spoon rest, coffee mugs, aprons with price point averaging $13.

Cheap and easy DIY Christmas gift ideas from Alexa. Christmas tree made out of tea bags in this video, so crafty yet simple. Also for DIY gifts made out of school supplies that were purchased on yoobi website, yoobi will donate school supplies to US classroom in need.

Gift ideas under $5, last minute DIY decorated mason jar with inspirational quotes and memories from Sarah.

Cheers and happy Holidays preparations❣️❣️❣️

Makeup from everyday to glamorous

To create a glamorous look, I applied Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Chocolate color on my lower eyelids. I liked the waterproof consistency and used it on my eye lids. For a glamorous, dark smoky eye look, I applied the eye shadow a second time. It did not go on evenly due to creamy (semi-liquid) consistency, some parts of the lower eye lid looked little lighter than the rest. To smooth out the look, I went over with the powder eye shadow in natural brown, from my shadow pallet UCANBE that my favorite part – I used black liquid eye liner and extended the line a little, to add to my glamorous look. I used Sephora liquid eye liner and then black mascara. I used Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade to darken my eye brows. I used Mac studio fix powder in NC25 to even out my face color. Tarte tarteist Pro Glow To Go bronzer to add some warm color to my glamorous look. To finish up the look, I used Urban Decay lipstick in Trick metallized. I liked smoky, dark makeup on my eyes, except my eye brows looked bit “too much” for me, I think I overdone it.  Little bit of highlighter from my shadow pallet to lighten up my eyebrow color, and I am ready – glamorous holiday look.

“Knowledge is power but beauty will save the world”  Be beautiful because you are ❣️❣️❣️