Startups of UK

Continuing to travel the globe 🌍 in search of extraordinary startups that ordinary people could benefit from, startups with daring, innovative and brilliant ideas and attitude, startups whose one foot is in the future dictating progress for humanity. Today’s stop is UK startups with their avant-garde concepts and cutting edge technology.

Intelligent minds together with pioneering high tech of will start the list of UK 15 most fascinating startups. is “Creating a future without limits” by developing the world’s first principled AI decision-making platform.

“’s Decision Making systems:

are autonomous
learn from experience
use Probabilistic models that are flexible enough to generalise to novel situations
adapt to changing environments by refining their strategies in data-driven ways
continually update their environmental models in light of data collected while operating.
use Reinforcement Learning (RL) algorithms that can help estimate, account for and even reduce uncertainty
can cope with the uncertainties of finite – even small – amounts of data
can favour decisions that loop back fresh information to models
use Game Theory to operate in multi-agent settings
can cooperate – and compete – by inferring what humans and other AIs are trying to do”.

ZigZag Global “ZigZag Global is a B2B software platform that helps retailers manage and resell returned stock in local markets. ZigZag provides a retailer branded returns portal that links from the returns page on your website that allows your customers to return an item. Our software makes intelligent decisions to decide where is best to send the return to a ZigZag warehouse so we can consolidate, resell or refulfil to another customer. By using the ZigZag returns platform, retailers can save money on returns, customers can get faster refunds and stock will be back in the supply chain and available for sale more quickly”.

“Working to pre-agreed margins and timelines, ZigZag can list your returned stock on over 20 global marketplaces in 8 different languages until sold, on a revenue share basis. Once the item sells, you will be credited for the sale, turning your returns into cash. Marketplace fees may apply”. In addition, Zigzag will route items “intelligently to where they have the highest propensity to sell”. The unique approach of this forward – looking startup has detailed, thought throughout steps on cost controlled returns, tracked returns, warehouse only option, payment options, speed, grading, consolidation, fulfillment, packaging, resale, white label service, intelligent routing, sustainability, paperless returns, recycling and destroying goods and much more. Earn returns from your investment in rental income and capital growth. “ is an online investment platform enabling everyone to invest in expertly chosen property portfolios, from £100. Once you’ve invested, your money is entered into the next fortnightly cycle to buy shares in your chosen property portfolio. Before investment, it’s held securely in a segregated account at a major UK high street bank. Your investment is spread across the properties in your chosen portfolios. You now own a slice of expertly chosen homes. Your investment will reflect the change in property prices and the rental income these homes generate. The value of your shares will change after every fortnightly investment cycle, which will be shown on your dashboard. Rental income is automatically reflected in the value of your shares. You can choose to receive this income quarterly as a dividend, or reinvest into property, compounding your returns. As more people invest in the funds, money is used to buy more properties. As the portfolios grow, your investment is automatically spread across each property added to the fund. Properties and tenants are managed on your behalf, in conjunction with our partner Touchstone. We are committed to providing tenants with an excellent renting experience. Submit a request to withdraw at anytime online via your dashboard. We do not lock you in to a minimum investment period, and there are no withdrawal fees”.

LFA Modern approach to PR at affordable prices. Startup founder Rosie Davies business motto: “Being all things to all people is a recipe for mediocrity.”
“Ready to cut your monthly PR spend but still get great results?
LFA online coverage “LFA’s brands were featured online countless times in 2017 in publications like Emerald Street, The Pool, Evening Standard and The Independent, increasing our client’s website traffic by 200%”. Printed coverage “We gained over 250 pieces of print coverage for our brands in 2017 in some of the UK’s best publications. Our brands were featured in Red, Woman & Home, The Guardian, Stella, YOU Mag, Sunday Times Style, ES Mag, Stylist and more”. Influencer coverage “2017 was the year of Instagram, and we worked with over 100 influencers including @dresslikeamum, @mother_of_daughters, @eimearvarianbarry, @kavitacola, to name a few”. Great and innovative startup that changed the concept of PR. The website is amazing, the concept is of the future and story of success behind it is inspiring because the founder of this startup struggled with severe dyslexia from an early age ( source). Davies is also a founder of PRdispatch.

At you will learn how to do your own PR, 39 pounds per month and you will get top UK press contacts. If you are selling products online, PR dispatch is for you. From the founder “In 2011 I was first introduced to PR through an internship at an independent brand. With no budget, contacts or previous training, I quickly achieved magazine coverage. Great product and understanding publications was key. I was shocked to find out that traditional PR retainers started at £3,000 p/m.
2 years later I founded the multi award-winning London Fashion Agency. To date, our team has gained over 600 pieces of magazine coverage for independent brands with our affordable approach to PR.

Now, through PR Dispatch, we are giving independent brands everything they need to maximise their chances of press coverage from £39p/m.

I know that brands can sell their product better than anyone else, so why not sell it to magazine editors and spend the thousands you would have spent with an agency somewhere else. I believe this is the future of gaining magazine coverage.”

– Rosie Davies,
Founder of PR Dispatch & The London Fashion Agency

Floom Beautifully arranged bouquets by independent florists, for any occasion. The company is always looking for talented and passionate local florists. The reason why Floom chooses local independent florists – “It’s not always easy to find beautifully crafted bouquets when ordering flowers online or dashing to your local supermarket. That’s why we celebrate the amazing local florists who bring true passion and talent to every flower arrangement they assemble”. This fantastic UK startup is coming to the Big Apple.

Funding Invoice “Historically, the business world has been reliant on banks for funding which can be difficult when banks are unwilling to lend – not to mention the slow processes, hidden costs and complicated contracts often associated with borrowing from the bank.
Funding Invoice offers a new take on an old method of funding your business. We’ve taken factoring & invoice discounting, removed some of the inefficiencies and built an online platform where businesses can raise fast and flexible finance.

Borrow against your invoices with Funding Invoice – stop waiting for payment!” Issue invoice in the morning, get paid later the same day, no contracts. “There’s just one fee to use us – a small percentage of your invoice. There are no set-up fees, monthly fees or hidden fees. All investments are backed by invoices owed by blue-chip companies and are verified by Funding Invoice”.

The Profs Professional Private Tutors “We connect students, professionals and companies that are in need of academic help with a network of highly-qualified professional self-employed private tutors and education consultants.
We are creating a knowledge sharing platform whereby value-added and personalised academic support can be provided to students at all levels in any subject wherever they are.

The Profs works with 300+ vetted educators that have worked with around 3000 students globally in subjects as diverse as finance, statistical modelling, econometrics, epidemiology, accounting, JAVA, and the bio sciences. They consist of university academics, PhD students, professional private tutors, retired executives and entrepreneurs with a strong academic background”.

Great App for pregnancy and motherhood, for all the worried moms and future moms this app will give you a peace of mind. “What’s the best thing about getting daily pregnancy tips and weekly new mom tips personalized to your exact stage? It’s that they’re completely free! You’ll get an update on baby’s growth, 2 tips for your healthy lifestyle and an inspirational quote for good measure. Ever wonder how many days to go before your due date? With our daily due date countdown you always know how long until your special day. Don’t worry moms, we haven’t forgotten about you! We’ll show you the age of your little one in days and months. Whether you want to read an article on safer skincare, try a nutrient-rich recipe, listen to a meditation podcast, follow along with workout video in your home or skim an informative infographic – how you stay informed is up to you. However you learn best, we’ve got you covered”.
Transformify “CSR Recruitment Platform helping businesses to access global talent, transfer secure payments, enter new markets, and boost sustainable growth”. Great sales on popular brands. Fashion for less, check it out. “You do the living, we do the laundry” is the slogan for one of my favorite startup. They collect, clean and deliver right to your doorstep. Laundrapp puts a Quality Guarantee on all items.

Property Partner is property investment startup that offers diversified portfolio “Times have changed. So has property investing.
Discover the simpler, safer way to grow your property portfolio – built for the changing times”. Auto-invest is one of the services offered:
“Make automatic investments into properties handpicked by leading UK experts
Earn 5% interest as soon as you deposit funds
We are offering 5% Enhanced Rental Income on all new residential listings, up from an average rental yield of 3.4%*”.
About Property Partner experts: “We’re proud to have a world-class property team, who make up 8 of the 50 employees at Property Partner. They’re led by one of the UK’s top experts, who previously managed a £500m fund and sits on the residential committee for the British Property Federation. Our team review over 2,500 properties a month, select the best, and harness deep market knowledge to negotiate quality deals. With combined experience of 110 years, 31,880 units and £2.25 billion, you’re in safe hands”.

OFF3R offers to Learn, to Compare and to Invest. You will also find the latest reviews of the investment platforms.
“Compare some of the best Lifetime ISAs in the market with OFF3R. Learn about the new Lifetime ISA and how government will contribute an additional 25% bonus on your investments until you’re 50. Compare some of the best stocks and shares ISAs in the market with OFF3R. Where you invest in a variety of different markets with any profit gained exempt from income and capital gains tax. Compare some of the best self-invested personal pension providers in the market with OFF3R. Where your investment is held in a tax wrapper until you retire and begin to draw a retirement income. Compare some of the best robo-advisors in the UK with OFF3R. Where a company will invest your money on your behalf in a portfolio of investments.
Compare some of the best Innovative Finance ISA rates available with OFF3R. Where you invest in P2P Lending or Bond products that are wrapped in a tax wrapper allowing investors to lend money and receive interest and capital gains tax-free.
Compare some of the best peer to peer (P2P) lending companies and rates in the UK with OFF3R. Where you lend money to small businesses and individuals.
Compare some of the best crowd bond and mini bond platforms and rates in the market with OFF3R.
Compare some of the best equity crowdfunding opportunities and platforms in the UK with OFF3R. Where you invest in start-up businesses.
Compare some of the best EIS and SEIS funds available with OFF3R.
Compare some of the best property crowdfunding platforms in the market with OFF3R. Where you invest in the property market alongside other investors.
Compare some of the best Foreign Exchange or Forex trading sites with OFF3R”.
Great and intelligent startup to learn about investing, to compare different options, to read on the latest reviews, find the options that suits you the most and to invest.

LeadStream supplies leads for specific markets as Life Insurance, Mortgage, Debt Management and more. LeadStream will do the homework for you
“Spend More Time Doing Business –
Not Chasing Business

What if your advisers could speak only to people who actually want to hear from them? Think how much more business you would do. LeadStream delivers hot key transfers and booked appointments from internet-generated premium leads directly to your advisers.
Higher Transaction Values
Exceptional Contact Rates
Up To 42% Conversion Rate”.

This sums it up for my list of top 15 UK startups.

The future belongs to daring and innovative minds ❣

Stay tuned, the next stop on the globe of top startups is California, USA 🇺🇸 on  Euphoria Athena & Tyche is the best start for startups globally.

Startups of Switzerland

I will travel the globe 🌍 virtually and physically to bring the most interesting startups to you. Some are funded by investors and already making a significant impact in different industries and some are “under radar” startups at the beginning stages with a big idea and business plan to bring it live. Euphoria Athena & Tyche is showcasing eco friendly new age startups, gathering the most innovative & brilliant entrepreneurs, high technology and eco friendly solution that “can protect the environment in a profitable way” (B. Piccard), targeting all groups of people to be beneficiaries of this solution.

Here is the list of the top 15 startups of Switzerland. There is no particular order of countries of startups.

Solarimpulse foundation that built an airplane powered only by the sun is introducing “1000 Solutions to change the world” by joining World Alliance for Efficient Solutions in order to improve quality of life on earth.

“We need to embrace clean technologies and efficient solutions, because they are much more than ‘ecological’ , they are ‘logical’. They create jobs and generate profit, while also reducing CO2 emissions and preserving natural resources. Even if climate change didn’t exist, they would make sense. Clean growth is much better than the dirty status quo we have today.”

BERTRAND PICCARD new business search engine. “ is the first intelligent answer engine because it is based on semantic information recognition and offers users intuitive help in their search for answers”.  One of a kind anonymous search engine.

Demiurge Technologies
A Switzerland-based artificial intelligence startup developing the next generation of artificial neural networks and brain chips for mobile robots.
“Daring minds” they call themselves. Daring minds indeed:
“ Demiurge is not a good place for hedgers playing safe above anything else, followers swimming with the tide of collectivism, gamblers favoring blind hunches, gossipers living upon hearsay, or sentimentalists indulging unaccountable feelings”. Great all around: technological aspect and attitude.

MemoMab “platform creates a recombinant in vitro copy of an individual’s B cell / antibody repertoire, which is then banked as a library. The resulting unique, large and relevant antibody libraries represent the individual’s immune repertoire and are expected to contain an unprecedented number of relevant and rare antibodies. This leads to entirely new possibilities in immune repertoire analysis and antibody discovery”. Potential discovery of vaccines to prevent cancer and other terminally ill diseases making it the startup of the future.

Bone surgery reinvented by AOT (Advanced Osteotomy Tools) by inventing Carlo system (Cold Ablation Robot-guided Laser Osteotome) that can cut bone with the laser and cold laser technology.
“50 years of research on medical laser technologies have achieved impressive results, especially in dermatology and ophthalmology. Until now, however, no solution had been found in the field of orthopaedic surgery to the problem of keeping bone tissue vital and intact at the site of the laser incision. This has now been achieved by AOT AG with the ground-breaking invention of the CARLO® system (Cold Ablation Robot-guided Laser Osteotome). This system allows for the direct collaboration of man and machine by means of a small, lightweight, and custom-designed tactile robotic arm, as well as navigation and control software and its corresponding hardware. All of these elements are combined in an ergonomic system, which fits easily into the operating room and allows the surgeon full control over this universal osteotomy device at any time. CARLO® is thus the world’s first medical, tactile robot that can cut bone without contact and with cold laser technology. The device allows the surgeon to perform bone operations with unprecedented precision, and in freely-defined, curved and functional sectional configurations, which are not achievable with conventional instruments.”

The first weeding robot that
will reduce herbicide by 20x “Thanks to the precise detection and discriminating spraying of weeds”.
“Works up to 12 hours a day without a human operator – solar powered, no rechargeable batteries”.
“Lightweight – 130 kg design minimises soil compaction – reliable, robust and non-hazardous”.
Great startup to help prevent what scientists predict to be an unprecedented famine in years to come.

Another startup to prevent a probability of future famine occurrence is Gamaya by using AI. “Gamaya improves efficiency and sustainability of farming businesses by offering compelling agronomy solutions, enabled by hyperspectral imaging and artificial intelligence”.

Next generation therapy that will treat diseases in Ophthalmology and Oncology
“Molecular Partners has a strong focus on creating differentiated therapies for retinal diseases including wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD) and diabetic macular edema (DME), two diseases leading to loss of vision.
While protein therapies such as antibodies and natural proteins have changed medicine, they are usually designed to treat only one disease target. In contrast, multi-benefit DARPin® therapeutics function as a team. Instead of just one treatment for a complex disease, we can bring together multiple small proteins with high specificity and potency to inhibit multiple disease-specific targets in a single medicine. These characteristics make DARPin® proteins ideal agonistic, antagonistic or inhibitory drug candidates”.
The technology – “DARPins® therapeutics are a new class of small protein therapeutic agents derived from natural ankyrin repeat proteins, one of the most common binding proteins in nature and responsible for diverse functions, such as cell signaling and receptor binding.
Our DARPin® therapies are built around our mono-DARPin® proteins, which are robust and potent proteins that bind to a single specific target. DARPin® proteins can treat a single validated disease pathway (mono-DARPin® therapy) or efficiently combine two or more mono-DARPin® proteins to form multi-DARPin® proteins that bind to multiple targets (or multiple epitopes/sites on a single target) without changing the fundamental attributes of the mono-DARPin® protein” offers unique approach to code quality “Manage it as a water leak, fix the leak before you mop the floor!”
The company offers SonarQube
“Automatic code review tool to detect bugs, code smells and vulnerability issues. Easy to integrate with DevOps toolchains”. Another product offered is SonarLint “IDE extension for real-time code quality feedback. Assists developers to deliver cleaner code as they work”. Code Analyzers will “Find the trickiest and nastiest bugs and quality issues, using the most advanced techniques of static code analysis such as symbolic execution and data flow analysis.. on 20 programming languages”. Different plans are available including free and open source platform.

Kuros Biosciences Innovation in bone healing and tissue repair by introducing KUR-111 “KUR-111 is a product candidate that has been specifically designed as a bone graft that safely and effectively regenerates bone, without having to resort to a harvesting procedure.”
a natural matrix (fibrin) to allow for the natural healing process to proceed, with
-a potent, targeted biologic (“PTH”) to augment the healing response; and
-a structural ceramic component to provide mechanical stability during the healing process.

Detectors Arktis designed detection systems “Arktis designs and manufactures advanced integrated detection systems that detect and categorize radiological and nuclear materials with an unprecedented level of accuracy”.

Track your cycle with Ava bracelet “Wear the Ava bracelet at night for effortless insight about your fertility, pregnancy, and your health”. Cycle is tracked by using 9 physiological parameters:

Resting pulse rate

Breathing rate

Heart rate variability ratio



Bio impedance

Heat loss


Data quality

Kandou “KANDOU specializes in the design of high-speed, and pin- and energy-efficient chip-to-chip links, SerDes, and associated technologies.
Demand for bandwidth in serial links has increased as industries require both high-quantity and high-quality information. KANDOU BUS has developed a unique approach to serial link design that increases the bit-rate and the reach for a given physical communications link and reduces the power consumption. As a result, more bits can be sent per unit of energy, or less energy can be used to achieve a given bit rate.
Less energy means available power can be used for more speed, greater battery life, smaller dies or novel designs that shatter many of today’s constraint”.

Innovative technology by Flisom, designers of solar panels Their vision is to unable solar energy in ways not possible before. “We are working to make this a reality. Today, most of the world still relies on heavy and rigid silicon-based modules, encapsulated in glass – standard 60-cell and 72-cell module design. Our flexible and lightweight panel technology platform is built from the very beginning with the widest application possibilities in mind”.

Skioo let’s you access more than 45 ski resorts and “Finally, you can make the most of what the Swiss Alps have to offer!”

“If you’re a skier or a snowboarder looking to get the most of Switzerland’s best resorts, then Skioo is the perfect solution for you. Simply link your keycard to your Skioo account and head straight to the slopes, ahead of all your ski buddies. Over 45 amazing ski resorts are at your disposal this season. Have an epic season with Skioo! No need to understand complex lift ticket rates. With Skioo, you effectively pay as you ski. To ensure you get more bang for your buck, Skioo will always charge you in accordance with the resort’s best corresponding rate”.

This sums it up for my list of top 15 Switzerland startups.

The future belongs to daring and innovative minds ❣

Next are startups of UK, stay tuned on Euphoria Athena & Tyche is the best start for startups globally.


In preparations for the Holidays

December is a beautiful time of the year. Festive atmosphere all around us. Chanukah lights and Christmas lights, Santa 🎅 and Christmas tree are all exciting and special. During this time of the year, especially, I like to find interesting tips on holiday outfits, new food recipes for a family and friends get together, gift ideas that are simple and beautiful, DIY or where to buy. I think I will turn to video bloggers on YouTube for inspiration and ideas.

A great video blogger or great YouTube channel is similar to picking out an interesting book whose author either full of great ideas or simply entertaining or combination of the two. I will share my pick with you.

Here are video bloggers “In preparations for the Holidays”.

Celebrating Chanukah or looking for a new recipe on jelly / Nutella donuts 🍩 during this holiday season? This is your stop for a special and tasty recipe. Dorina even briefs you on the story of Chanukah while making donuts and why oil is used during this holiday.

Any holiday table will look impressively with healthy salads that are colorful and full of vitamins. And if you are pressed for time “easy to make” and healthy is a winning combination. Three colorful salads – raw vegan Christmas- are prepared in this video by Rawvanna.

Picking the right outfit is not always easy. Effortless beauty is not always as effortless as it seems at a first glance. For tips on how to put yourself together, pick the right outfit, mix and match blouses and skirts, blouses and pants, watch this video by Sidne and Ashley. It’s done in style and glamour. Sequence skirt is my favorite.

Ideas on Holidays outfits that are casual yet dressy. Traditional Christmas sweaters, how to wear them and what to pair up with.

Another video with great tips on Holiday outfits from Erin. Different, classic outfits with solid colors give you an idea or direction when choosing an outfit for yourself. This video is done in a casual and friendly style.

For a casual and hip look, Emily makes it look easy and gives you ideas on pairing up jeans or pants with ankle boots, which top to add and dress it up for a cold weather.

In this video Naomi gives you tips for a basic wardrobe, which patterns not to buy and why, what to buy and where and which clothing will give you most use out of.

Last but not least are gift ideas. Since Chanukah is this week and Christmas is coming shortly, here are the last minute gift ideas.
Last minute gift ideas from Jeremy Fragrance. I liked manicure set idea and green tea oil and Argan oil combo.

Great tech gift ideas under $50 by UrAvgConsumer. Great ideas and explanations on how to use recommended products. Mini tripod with remote control is my favorite.


Themed gift ideas in this video by Haley featuring purple lemonade shop and giveaways. Seramic spoon rest, coffee mugs, aprons with price point averaging $13.

Cheap and easy DIY Christmas gift ideas from Alexa. Christmas tree made out of tea bags in this video, so crafty yet simple. Also for DIY gifts made out of school supplies that were purchased on yoobi website, yoobi will donate school supplies to US classroom in need.

Gift ideas under $5, last minute DIY decorated mason jar with inspirational quotes and memories from Sarah.

Cheers and happy Holidays preparations❣️❣️❣️

Foreign top blogs

It’s interesting to look at foreign blogs even if the language is not understood.

Indeed, when translation is available one could read a blog of a person living on a different continent, on the other end of the earth, and say “what a small world”.

Foreign top blogs, some are interesting and informative and some are simply beautiful, here is the list: A truly immensely talented photographer. His black and white photography, full of stories and full of live, give the viewer a sense of being in Paris.
The rest of the website is done in truly European taste and some material is PG-13. blog with very interesting digital images from a French blogger. blog by a Chicago born who visited Paris and fell in love with it. Beautiful images, Rebecca is a professional photographer. Great, informative blog if you are visiting Paris for the first time. Russian blog that has great tips on watercolor patterns, how to use photoshop for calligraphy, also a font – Celestina that author of the blog created, free to download. The font looks light and modern, support more than 70 languages, great for many purposes. Using copper in interior design, quiet unique and beautiful and giving interesting tips on interior design from a Russian blogger. great DIY step by step visual instructions on how to make Christmas tree out of paper, or wrap a Champagne bottle in a simple yet creative way that it would make a great holiday gift. Blog that is classy and elegant. Some posts are sponsored by Dior. I liked reading about semi-permanent eye liner, done at the Browhaus in Singapore, the pros and cons of the application. Singapore blogger talks about new gadgets on the market and it’s specs. Easy and interesting read, written as a fashion blog (only fashion for gadgets). travel blog. Travel the Europe. Beautiful images, detailed instructions on where to eat, where to go, places that you would not necessarily find on your own. blog by a well rounded blogger Alice Backer. Blog is a part of The blog is to promote Haïti and influence social media. Promoting Haïti in music, art, food and science. A new project Haitian Bioscience Initiative is ment to positivity affect youth and increase the number of scientists.

Check it out and happy blog reading.

Makeup from everyday to glamorous

To create a glamorous look, I applied Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Chocolate color on my lower eyelids. I liked the waterproof consistency and used it on my eye lids. For a glamorous, dark smoky eye look, I applied the eye shadow a second time. It did not go on evenly due to creamy (semi-liquid) consistency, some parts of the lower eye lid looked little lighter than the rest. To smooth out the look, I went over with the powder eye shadow in natural brown, from my shadow pallet UCANBE that my favorite part – I used black liquid eye liner and extended the line a little, to add to my glamorous look. I used Sephora liquid eye liner and then black mascara. I used Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade to darken my eye brows. I used Mac studio fix powder in NC25 to even out my face color. Tarte tarteist Pro Glow To Go bronzer to add some warm color to my glamorous look. To finish up the look, I used Urban Decay lipstick in Trick metallized. I liked smoky, dark makeup on my eyes, except my eye brows looked bit “too much” for me, I think I overdone it.  Little bit of highlighter from my shadow pallet to lighten up my eyebrow color, and I am ready – glamorous holiday look.

“Knowledge is power but beauty will save the world”  Be beautiful because you are ❣️❣️❣️

Startups that will change the world

There are many big and small, known and unknown but nevertheless extremely talented startups. Startups with great innovative ideas and discoveries are giving us a glimpse into the future. Out of many extremely talented startups, some are here to stay and contribute to humanity and shape our future. Where cancer is a thing of a past and treated easily, 3D organs are printed and used to replace organs that have failed, thus extending people’s lifespan and adding quality to people’s lives by minimizing and even eliminating most sicknesses, disabilities and disorders. Ability to help the sick by three dimensionally printing organs and implanting them or growing stem cells will change the world the way we know it. Our future is extremely high tech and robots will become an integral part of our lives as helpers, and friends with customized software to one’s liking. Flying cars will be our regular mode of transportation. And since the lifespan of humans will increase by at least few decades, overpopulated society of earth will have to find life on other planets.

Here are the 6 startups I chose:

To start with is a startup to cure cancer, we are long overdue for this one. In the near future cancer will easily be treated. I particularly liked the Israeli startup of Bar-Ilan University in Ramat Gan, prof. Nir.

The enzyme that was found in cancer cells is the same enzyme found in sperm cell. Nir and his team identified an enzyme called FerT in the energy-generating mitochondria of metastatic cancer cells. Nir’s lab developed a synthetic compound, E260 (which can be administered orally or by injection), to bind with enzyme (that enabled cancer cells to metastasize) and completely destroy cancer cells with no adverse affects and normal cells are not affected. Here is a link to a full article:

3D organ printing startups next on the list:

First startup is Japanese Cyfuse that uses Innovative “Micro Needle Array “Technology that enabled 3D Tissue Fabrication with Cell only. Their Regenova, bioprinter, successfully printed blood vessel, beating heart tissue, implantable graft. Cyfuse “Scaffold-free 3D bio-printed human liver tissue stably maintains metabolic functions useful for drug discovery” was published in Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports, in press.

San Francisco-based startup Prellis, working on building human organs using a unique 3D printing technology. “Using proprietary 3D laser-based printing, they can build microvasculature and additional layers of tissue with near instantaneous speeds and single-cell precision.”

Israeli bio med firm CollPlant grows tobacco in greenhouses in order to produce ‘human’ collagen, which is used in the bio-ink that will eventually 3D-print tissues and organs.

Russia’s 3D Bioprinting solutions firm recently was successful at fabricating a mouse thyroid gland that implanted into a test subject – mouse. The company has a timeline in which they should develop a 3D printed kidney by 2018. “Their machine utilizes stem cells taken from a patient via their fat cells which are then mixed with hydrogels before being printed layer-by-layer. “

Robotic Industries startups.

“In the not-too-distant future, Genius Machines will walk among us. They will be smart, kind, and wise. Together, man and machine will create a better future for the world”, Hanson Robotics, US startup

It’s not easy to imagine our future lives living with robots but it should be interesting.
Hanson Robotics is partnering with SingularityNET, a platform for the decentralized AI (Artificial Intelligence) economy.

Hanson Robotics created robot Sophia to look as beautiful and as elegant as Audrey Hapburn. Sophia has done some interviews, here is her very first interview
Sophia could be made friends with on her website

Next is Chinese robotic startup is CloudMinds is an artificial intelligence and cloud computing company specializing in cloud-based smart robotics, secure cloud networks, large AI machine learning platforms.

Launched in 2001, French company robotics startup RB 3D   specializes in strength assistance and has 2 product lines: cooperative robot (cobot) arms and an exoskeleton suit. “This 3rd version of HERCULE is dedicated to civilian applications. It has been thought as a development platform for industrial applications, upon which will come various kind of arms or accessories to fit with and fulfill the needs of the numerous industrial cases.”

Movie theater new concept

Movie going experience has become less popular, most prefer the privacy of their own home, home theater with the surrounding sound, home made pop corn and coke. Texas based company, ReelXperience is about to change all that with the new concept. Movie going experience will be a dining experience as well in a room surrounded with 360 degrees screen, real actors interacting with the public, and a second choice for a new movie concept is to step on the set of Titanic ( for example) after viewing the movie Titanic.  

This promises to be an interesting social experience in the age of high tech.

Flying car startup
Lilium Jet, German startup,   The world’s first all-electric VTOL jet (flying car) – convenient, efficient and safe mode of transportation of the nearest future

Aerospace startups 
Elon Musk, known for designing and engineering of unique Tesla, promises to revolutionize the space / space travel with American startup Space x

Most remember Russia’s remarkable space program from Soviet era, the times of notorious Gagarin.  Russia’s center for aerospace and other innovative startups is Skolkovo

Another new and very promising Space startup from India

Earth2orbit is a new startup that is all about new Space revolution. “Empowered by advances in payload and transport technologies, New Space entrepreneurs are exploring opportunities with new launch vehicles, affordable small satellites, and taking initial steps to realize “out there” frontiers of space-based power generation and extraterrestrial mining.”

This about sums it up – new startups that will change the world the way we know it.