Startups of Switzerland

I will travel the globe 🌍 virtually and physically to bring the most interesting startups to you. Some are funded by investors and already making a significant impact in different industries and some are “under radar” startups at the beginning stages with a big idea and business plan to bring it live. Euphoria Athena & Tyche is showcasing eco friendly new age startups, gathering the most innovative & brilliant entrepreneurs, high technology and eco friendly solution that “can protect the environment in a profitable way” (B. Piccard), targeting all groups of people to be beneficiaries of this solution.

Here is the list of the top 15 startups of Switzerland. There is no particular order of countries of startups.

Solarimpulse foundation that built an airplane powered only by the sun is introducing “1000 Solutions to change the world” by joining World Alliance for Efficient Solutions in order to improve quality of life on earth.

“We need to embrace clean technologies and efficient solutions, because they are much more than ‘ecological’ , they are ‘logical’. They create jobs and generate profit, while also reducing CO2 emissions and preserving natural resources. Even if climate change didn’t exist, they would make sense. Clean growth is much better than the dirty status quo we have today.”

BERTRAND PICCARD new business search engine. “ is the first intelligent answer engine because it is based on semantic information recognition and offers users intuitive help in their search for answers”.  One of a kind anonymous search engine.

Demiurge Technologies
A Switzerland-based artificial intelligence startup developing the next generation of artificial neural networks and brain chips for mobile robots.
“Daring minds” they call themselves. Daring minds indeed:
“ Demiurge is not a good place for hedgers playing safe above anything else, followers swimming with the tide of collectivism, gamblers favoring blind hunches, gossipers living upon hearsay, or sentimentalists indulging unaccountable feelings”. Great all around: technological aspect and attitude.

MemoMab “platform creates a recombinant in vitro copy of an individual’s B cell / antibody repertoire, which is then banked as a library. The resulting unique, large and relevant antibody libraries represent the individual’s immune repertoire and are expected to contain an unprecedented number of relevant and rare antibodies. This leads to entirely new possibilities in immune repertoire analysis and antibody discovery”. Potential discovery of vaccines to prevent cancer and other terminally ill diseases making it the startup of the future.

Bone surgery reinvented by AOT (Advanced Osteotomy Tools) by inventing Carlo system (Cold Ablation Robot-guided Laser Osteotome) that can cut bone with the laser and cold laser technology.
“50 years of research on medical laser technologies have achieved impressive results, especially in dermatology and ophthalmology. Until now, however, no solution had been found in the field of orthopaedic surgery to the problem of keeping bone tissue vital and intact at the site of the laser incision. This has now been achieved by AOT AG with the ground-breaking invention of the CARLO® system (Cold Ablation Robot-guided Laser Osteotome). This system allows for the direct collaboration of man and machine by means of a small, lightweight, and custom-designed tactile robotic arm, as well as navigation and control software and its corresponding hardware. All of these elements are combined in an ergonomic system, which fits easily into the operating room and allows the surgeon full control over this universal osteotomy device at any time. CARLO® is thus the world’s first medical, tactile robot that can cut bone without contact and with cold laser technology. The device allows the surgeon to perform bone operations with unprecedented precision, and in freely-defined, curved and functional sectional configurations, which are not achievable with conventional instruments.”

The first weeding robot that
will reduce herbicide by 20x “Thanks to the precise detection and discriminating spraying of weeds”.
“Works up to 12 hours a day without a human operator – solar powered, no rechargeable batteries”.
“Lightweight – 130 kg design minimises soil compaction – reliable, robust and non-hazardous”.
Great startup to help prevent what scientists predict to be an unprecedented famine in years to come.

Another startup to prevent a probability of future famine occurrence is Gamaya by using AI. “Gamaya improves efficiency and sustainability of farming businesses by offering compelling agronomy solutions, enabled by hyperspectral imaging and artificial intelligence”.

Next generation therapy that will treat diseases in Ophthalmology and Oncology
“Molecular Partners has a strong focus on creating differentiated therapies for retinal diseases including wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD) and diabetic macular edema (DME), two diseases leading to loss of vision.
While protein therapies such as antibodies and natural proteins have changed medicine, they are usually designed to treat only one disease target. In contrast, multi-benefit DARPin® therapeutics function as a team. Instead of just one treatment for a complex disease, we can bring together multiple small proteins with high specificity and potency to inhibit multiple disease-specific targets in a single medicine. These characteristics make DARPin® proteins ideal agonistic, antagonistic or inhibitory drug candidates”.
The technology – “DARPinsÂŽ therapeutics are a new class of small protein therapeutic agents derived from natural ankyrin repeat proteins, one of the most common binding proteins in nature and responsible for diverse functions, such as cell signaling and receptor binding.
Our DARPin® therapies are built around our mono-DARPin® proteins, which are robust and potent proteins that bind to a single specific target. DARPin® proteins can treat a single validated disease pathway (mono-DARPin® therapy) or efficiently combine two or more mono-DARPin® proteins to form multi-DARPin® proteins that bind to multiple targets (or multiple epitopes/sites on a single target) without changing the fundamental attributes of the mono-DARPin® protein” offers unique approach to code quality “Manage it as a water leak, fix the leak before you mop the floor!”
The company offers SonarQube
“Automatic code review tool to detect bugs, code smells and vulnerability issues. Easy to integrate with DevOps toolchains”. Another product offered is SonarLint “IDE extension for real-time code quality feedback. Assists developers to deliver cleaner code as they work”. Code Analyzers will “Find the trickiest and nastiest bugs and quality issues, using the most advanced techniques of static code analysis such as symbolic execution and data flow analysis.. on 20 programming languages”. Different plans are available including free and open source platform.

Kuros Biosciences Innovation in bone healing and tissue repair by introducing KUR-111 “KUR-111 is a product candidate that has been specifically designed as a bone graft that safely and effectively regenerates bone, without having to resort to a harvesting procedure.”
a natural matrix (fibrin) to allow for the natural healing process to proceed, with
-a potent, targeted biologic (“PTH”) to augment the healing response; and
-a structural ceramic component to provide mechanical stability during the healing process.

Detectors Arktis designed detection systems “Arktis designs and manufactures advanced integrated detection systems that detect and categorize radiological and nuclear materials with an unprecedented level of accuracy”.

Track your cycle with Ava bracelet “Wear the Ava bracelet at night for effortless insight about your fertility, pregnancy, and your health”. Cycle is tracked by using 9 physiological parameters:

Resting pulse rate

Breathing rate

Heart rate variability ratio



Bio impedance

Heat loss


Data quality

Kandou “KANDOU specializes in the design of high-speed, and pin- and energy-efficient chip-to-chip links, SerDes, and associated technologies.
Demand for bandwidth in serial links has increased as industries require both high-quantity and high-quality information. KANDOU BUS has developed a unique approach to serial link design that increases the bit-rate and the reach for a given physical communications link and reduces the power consumption. As a result, more bits can be sent per unit of energy, or less energy can be used to achieve a given bit rate.
Less energy means available power can be used for more speed, greater battery life, smaller dies or novel designs that shatter many of today’s constraint”.

Innovative technology by Flisom, designers of solar panels Their vision is to unable solar energy in ways not possible before. “We are working to make this a reality. Today, most of the world still relies on heavy and rigid silicon-based modules, encapsulated in glass – standard 60-cell and 72-cell module design. Our flexible and lightweight panel technology platform is built from the very beginning with the widest application possibilities in mind”.

Skioo let’s you access more than 45 ski resorts and “Finally, you can make the most of what the Swiss Alps have to offer!”

“If you’re a skier or a snowboarder looking to get the most of Switzerland’s best resorts, then Skioo is the perfect solution for you. Simply link your keycard to your Skioo account and head straight to the slopes, ahead of all your ski buddies. Over 45 amazing ski resorts are at your disposal this season. Have an epic season with Skioo! No need to understand complex lift ticket rates. With Skioo, you effectively pay as you ski. To ensure you get more bang for your buck, Skioo will always charge you in accordance with the resort’s best corresponding rate”.

This sums it up for my list of top 15 Switzerland startups.

The future belongs to daring and innovative minds ❣

Next are startups of UK, stay tuned on Euphoria Athena & Tyche is the best start for startups globally.