Startups of Russia

Today’s stop on the globe is Russia, majestic and magnificent. Officially known as the Russian Federation. At 17,125,200 square kilometres, Russia is the largest country in the world by area, covering more than one-eighth of the Earth’s inhabited land area, and ranks number 9 by population.

Russia has, in the past, and, presently, is contributing greatly to the world of innovations and discoveries. Examples are endless but here are significant few: Electrically-powered railway wagons by Fyodor Pirotsky, Videotape recorder by Alexander Poniatoff (Poniatov), who started the Ampex company in the United States. The company succeeded in producing the first quality video signal recorder. Global electronics giants had to use Poniatoff’s patents to produce home video equipment. Radio by Alexander Popov, a professor of physics, announced the invention of a system for wireless communications. Helicopter by Igor Sikorsky, Russian inventor whose potential was fully realized abroad. Electronic television – one of the biggest inventions of 20th century by Vladimir Zworykin, Russian engineer whose inventions debuted in the United States. Inventions in chemistry and physiology by Mendeleev and Pavlov. Inventions in writing and music: Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Chekov, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Sergei Rachmaninoff. More modern period – Irving Berlin, known to all for his delightful Christmas carols, White Christmas being the most popular. Berlin is widely considered one of the greatest songwriters in American history, originally from Russia.

Russia is the country of avant-garde scientists, talented musicians, knowledgeable engineers, beautiful women, world-renowned figure skaters, and world anticipated space tourism program.

Russia is the country of warm people with the big history they have inherited from past generations. Russia is the country of people who fought and won one of the biggest wars to date, with the help of their allies, World War II. Survivors from Concentration camps, all over the world, remember how Russian soldiers freed them. Today, May 9, marks the Victory Day in Russia. 

It is one of my favorite stops on the globe in search of new age startups because this is where I am from, part of me, my children’s heritage.

Here is the long awaited list of Russia’s 15 top startups:

Are we entering a new era of moderately sized concrete innovations? 3D printed architecture is from Russia’s Apis Cor  that 3D printed a residential house in 24 hours. “Design of the single-story residential house is rather unusual. This project was selected specifically, as one of the main purposes of this construction is to demonstrate the flexibility of equipment and diversity of available forms. The house can be of any shape, including the familiar square shape, because the additive technology has no restrictions on design of new buildings, except for the laws of physics. It means it’s time to talk about the new fantastic potential of architectural solutions. The printing process is automated as much as possible and almost eliminates the risk of human error.

The roof of the house in Stupino, in accordance with the architectural project, is flat. The solution proposed by the TechnoNICOL company can effectively withstand high snow loads and durability requirements. Its cost is comparable with steep roofs, which are common for Russia. For the printed walls finishing, the mineral decorative plaster was used. The composition of mineral plaster consists of white cement and ball-shaped marble and granite crumbs, so it can serve as an additional heat insulation and goes well with the thermal insulation systems: can act as a top layer, especially if the insulation used is mineral wool. Performs the function of a thin-layer decorative plasters on walls that do not require insulation. Easy to use and work with. Possesses good hydrophobic properties.” Paint used is eco friendly and resistant to weather conditions. The cost of construction amounted to $10134, the highest quality materials were used.

The world’s first 3D printed residential house 

Are you as blown away as I am? Wait until you read about the next startup.

3D Bioprinting Solutions “What’s Russia famous for? The Kalashnikov – the AK47,” says Vladimir Mironov, chief scientific officer at 3D Bioprinting Solutions. “Well now we have a different motto: not shoot to kill, but shoot to heal – using a tissue gun.” Source

3D Bioprinting Solutions set to make history again by sending a bioprinter into space. 

“3D Bioprinting Solutions aims to study the effect of radiation in space on the human body by printing cell tissue and organ constructs directly in space. To this end, it plans to send a 3D bioprinter developed especially for use in microgravity up to the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS) by the end of this year. Scientists have long been interested in growing cells in space: on Earth, cells grown artificially grow in a flatter structure than they do naturally in the human body. When grown in conditions of microgravity, however, the cells take on a more natural structure. Microgravity also makes possible the use of a new kind of 3D printing: formative technology. “On Earth we use additive technology to create things in layers,” explains Usef Hesuani, cofounder of 3D Bioprinting Solutions.

I am familiar with the term “love affair with a place” geographical place. It’s a random spot on the globe where one feels comfortable and content. People say the stars are aligned a certain way, in that spot of the world. Traveling is one of the ways to find your random spot on the globe. Learning about another culture and the history of the place is fascinating and creates life long memories. There is no one better than a local to show you around and really see the place. PlaceMates will do exactly that. “PlaceMates – this is traveling in a new way 

How about walking around Moscow with a photographer, going backstage of the biggest Russia theater, get some drinks while bar hopping in St Petersburg, make a wish on shooting star while being in mountain observatory or singing along with a host of a winery?
The locals will introduce you to the best that is in their cities.”

Iceberg for hockey Sports Analytics by “capturing the game every 0.1 seconds, and advanced analytics through the use of complex mathematical algorithms”. From Iceberg co-founder Martynov, in his interview:  “Sport analytics technologies are set to become a game changer in team management, games broadcasting as well as in betting and fantasy sports.” Source “I would say the most advanced (teams that use ICEBERG), they use the data and they share it with players,” ICEBERG co-founder Nikolay Koshkin said.  “There is a clear trend all across the globe in different countries and across different leagues — professional leagues, college leagues — that people want to use technology and products like ICEBERG to increase chances to win the game, to be more efficient, also to optimize the budget as well as to do the right scouting and play selection.” co-founder Martynov.  Source
More than a million data points per game are tracked, enabling the analysis of passing efficiency, goal probability, the number of seconds into his shift when a player starts losing pace, best line matchups, whose body checks are the most effective, where a player makes the most shots, and what types of shots a goalie has difficulty handling.”
Iceberg plans to provide data for other sports, broadcasters, and the gaming industry in the near future. 

FootBot a robotic training system for soccer players. 

Their long-term vision is to “become a world leader company in sport robotics and analytics using technologies in next areas:

* mechatronic systems for sports;
* data collection and analysis for physical, functional, technical (and probably emotional) assessment of sportsmen;
* artificial intelligence for planning training, nutrition and recovering.”

Heedbook “is a first AI-based software for evaluating customer sentiment by face-to-face service” Maslov, founder of Heedbook

EHFE technology

“A game changing CLEAN and EFFECTIVE technology that
converts fossil fuel and/or renewable energy into work
or heat and electricity,
and transforms waste heat into electricity or work”
EHFE technology:
With EHFE technology no feed pumps are needed, hence no power consumption to drive the same. Our technology creates conditions for heat transfer efficiency rise and is applicable in ORC steam power plants as well as in small scale power generation (e.g. in separate houses, residential buildings, district power generation systems, enterprises on-site power generation, etc.).

Exoatlet with slogan “We give people the chance to walk again and that’s just the start!”
ExoAtlet I for home:
“The exoskeleton is a new level of freedom.” This phrase was uttered by one of the first people to test ExoAtlet, and all those who have since had the opportunity to try it agree. ExoAtlet consists of a motorised frame that is worn almost like a suit and that allows people confined to wheelchairs to stand up for the first time since their injury – and not just to stand up, but to walk. With the help of the exoskeleton, its wearers can walk at different speeds and on different surfaces, without being held up by stairs and obstacles along the way. ExoAtlet completely copies a person’s natural walk by helping them to walk automatically. But this does not mean that the whole process is automatic and doesn’t involve any input from the wearer. Moving in an exoskeleton can be compared to driving a motorbike. Getting used to controlling it and learning again to keep your balance and take your first step can take from several hours up to several days of training. In some cases, if the spinal cord is not completely damaged and the injury was sustained relatively recently, there is a chance that disability can be avoided. But this window of opportunity is not long: the sooner a person returns to an upright position and takes their first step with the help of ExoAtlet, the higher the chance of restoring their motor function and returning them to their previous way of life” 
For those who have completely lost their motor function ExoAtlet will improve the quality of life by partially replacing wheelchair, thus improving lung ventilation, stabilizing blood pressure and increasing joint flexibility.
There is ExoAtlet I for clinics.
ExoAtlet Pro is in development and will be launching this year, it differs from ExoAtlet I:

 Suits for patients with stroke

Heart rate monitor

Electric muscle stimulation 

Modular design

Steps initiation

Eidos Robotics Solutions For Industrial Automation. Why do you need it? “The main reason is that it pays off. Robots do not require a salary. Robots do not get sick and go on vacation. Robotized manufacture outputs products of stable quality. Every day and every night.” Solutions: Automation of PET packaging production, Adaptive robotic welding using ALTAIR 3d-vision system, Adaptive automation of machines and presses, RoboticsLab software for robots control, Programming of industrial robots and related services, Automatic production lines, full construction, Hexapod multifunctional industrial manipulators. 

SteamJet Innovative water thruster for satellite orbit control – 

“SteamJet is developing a safe compact incombustible thruster for orbit control of CubeSat satellites. 

The main technology is a rapid heating of a non-combustible working fluid.

Our advantages:

The thruster is safe to be stored on a space station or a spacecraft

Our solution is simpler and cheaper than the competitors’

Our thruster simplifies the design of other engine components by implementing a more effective mode of working mass exhaustion

The size of the thruster is 1U, it can be mounted on a small satellite that is larger than 2U in size.”

When I think of ballet, Swan Lakes, Tchaikovsky, Russia, come to mind. Ballet with it’s poise, grace and flexibility has always been and still is a big part of Russian culture.

An unforgettable Bolshoi Theater in Moscow is home to ballet, opera and concerts. Bolshoi Theatre is one of the historic landmarks of Russia. Here is the story of it’s origin – “On 28 March (17 according to the old style) 1776, Catherine II granted the prosecutor, Prince Pyotr Urusov, the “privilege” of “maintaining” theatre performances of all kinds, including masquerades, balls and other forms of entertainment, for a period of ten years. And it is from this date that Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre traces its history”. Bolshoi Theatre presents Bolshoi Ballet with production revival “Coppelia”, ballet in 3 acts as well as other magnificent productions. Bolshoi theater is in cinemas now. “Coppelia” will be broadcast by satellite live from Moscow on June 10.  Here is the preview 

Elementaree personalized menu created by a chef, every week a new menu created, all ingredients chosen according to your likes, preparation of delicious meals will not take longer than 15 minutes, dietitian on staff will create a menu for those who need it according to diagnosis or genetic testing. Fresh and tasty. Create a restaurant at home.

Russia’s Smart City of the future, Innopolis. “Smart cities’ is the latest concept when it comes to building the cities of the future. Smart cities are expected to be the key to combining a sustainable future with continued economic growth and job creation. There are many definitions of a smart city including sustainable, liveable, intelligent and green. However, the common denominator seems to be access to data and intelligent tools to connect knowledge and people to drive change. What set Smart Cities aside compared to ‘Eco Cities’ and ‘Sustainable Cities’ is its strategic use of new and high-tech, ICT-based solutions to connect the citizens and technologies of the city on a common platform. 

The Smart City can be defined as a city which makes it surplus into resources through its use of information and communication technologies combined with sustainable and environmentally friendly multiple solutions. It emphasises the need to improve the level of mobility and connectedness through collaboration and open source knowledge on all levels of the society. The following will focus on 4 topics within the concept of a Smart City; infrastructure, energy, water and wastewater treatment and green buildings.” Source “MyGenetics is service for wellbeing and nutrition coaching based on DNA analysis. We develop personal diet and lifestyle plans and advise on implementation.”

Startup Village 2018 for the most talented people to present their ideas and innovations. Amazing innovations Make the World 🌍 go Round.

This sums it up for my list of top 15 startups of Russia.

The future belongs to daring and innovative minds ❣
Stay tuned for the next stop on the globe, startups of France on Euphoria Athena & Tyche is the best start for startups globally.