Shopping Ideas With Sustainable Brands

Shopping ideas with sustainable brands is an amazing opportunity to protect the environment, and as a bonus there is a story that each brand will share with you.

Check out some super ideas to put under the Christmas tree, Chanukah gifts and other special holidays.

For Happy Genie it’s a debut. Please support this promising startup on Social Media by sharing it.

Happy Genie is making the worlds first luxury vegan handbags out of apples!

Extraordinary Green fashion Milo+Nicki made of banana waste and vegetable dyed by hand will make an unforgettable gift.

Price: Flip-it and reverse-it blouse is $109, and the go-long wide leg pant is $179

H&M is a beautiful sustainable brand that also launched “Bring it on” campaign to recycle unwanted garments and reduce wastage.

Zara The collection – under Zara’s eco-label ‘Join Life’ – is made with eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, recycled wool and forest-friendly wood fibre.

All factories that produce the Join Life garments are powered by renewable energy and use water-efficient manufacturing processes. Source Climate Action.


“The US branch of the French cosmetics giant L’Oréal has been recognised as the top performing global company on sustainability.

Newsweek’s Green Ranking constitutes an annual assessment of the sustainability performance of the largest companies in the US, based on 8 sustainability and environmental indicators including energy use, emissions, water management, and third-party oversight mechanisms.



“Adidas sustainability action plan to go green by 2020. Since then, they have begun water-less dyeing to end the use of water and process chemicals as well as produced a full running line featuring t-shirts, tanks, tights, skirts and shorts with 95% pattern efficiency (only 5% waste). They recently also announced a swimwear line made from recycled ocean trash.” Source Urban Meisters

Allbirds Wool Cool Sustainable Footwear

Use Recycled bottles in addition to other materials.

“Recycled plastic bottles find new life as Sugar Zeffer straps. Reincarnation is a beautiful thing.”
Happy Shopping!


Startups of France

Today’s stop on the globe is France.
France is the cultural center of the world. Birthplace of unprecedented fine cuisine and all that is beauty related, France gave rise to many different industries. Beautiful sites and historical architecture of France: Notre Dame de Paris cathedral of French Gothic architecture, Louvre palace 17 century architecture in the transition style from French Renaissance to Classical revival, Arc de Triomphe in the flamboyant style of Napoleon III; prospects of Paris of Lutetian Limestone also known as “Paris stone”, Eiffel Tower, Constructed as the entrance to the 1889 World’s Fair, initially criticized it has become a global cultural icon of France, rises 1,063 feet from its base, also known as Symbol of Love in The City of Lights, Paris – has been attracting millions of tourists each year and to date still remains a center of education and ideas throughout Europe since the Age of Enlightenment. France is home of my personal favorites: writer Alexandre Dumas, singers Mireille Mathieu, Patricia Kaas, Mylène Farmer and American born French singer Joe Dassin.
In France there are many eco- friendly, high tech startups with revolutionary technology, innovative startups in the true sense of disrupt.
Here is my list of the top 5 startups of France.
“Food Innovation, A Source of Inspiration” discover new food products at Sial Paris event
Visitors will be able to explore major food trends of 2030:
“What alternative proteins?
Food and health: towards personalized products
Robots and artificial intelligence: who will be chef tomorrow?
Transparency and traceability are a must”
As well as Virtual Reality concepts applied to the Food World.
This is definitely something very new, very French with Wow factor present.  This is done in partnership with trend forecasting agency AlimAvenir

Prophesee Reveals The Invisible
Inspired by the eye and brain, Prophesee’s technology  uses a patented sensor design and AI algorithms  that mimic the eye and brain to reveal what was invisible until now using standard frame-based technology.
The main industrial application for this revolutionary technology is autonomous driving. There are more applications, another one in particular is giving sight to the blind.

“Prophesee partners with GenSight Biologics to restore vision to the blind using event-based sensors and optogenetics

A live demonstration of GenSight’s wearable medical device for optogenetic vision restoration won the award of Best Live Demo at the renowned conference.

GenSight is developing a product candidate to restore vision in patients suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa combining a gene therapy and an external wearable medical device, in the form of goggles, that integrates Prophesee’s event-based sensors.

This novel approach aims at restoring vision in patients by using gene therapy to introduce a gene encoding for a light-sensitive protein into specifically targeted cells of the retina by a single injection in order to make them responsive to light.

An external wearable medical device stimulates the transduced cells to amplify the light signal and further enable vision.”

From the CEO of Prophesee Luca Verre on the new phase of industrial revolution

Glowee Prepare to get blown away with this technology of the future.
Enlightened by the sea! Glowee is a living lighting energy. A light powered by from waste rather than electricity. Cool and natural light to reduce light pollution. Glowee develops a bioluminescent raw material that produces light, made of micro-organisms that can grow indefinitely. “Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by some living organisms(such as fireflies, glow-worms, and over 80% of marine organisms).”

River taxi by Sea Bubbles to reduce traffic, “producing no waive, no noise and no emission” The Bubble Taxi is a small, fast & very efficient electric hydrofoil craft that can carry up to 5 passengers (including the pilot) with a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

Criteo will drive business to your e-commerce store, deliver more traffic to your website and app. You could start by downloading the latest report on what’s trending in 2018 based on Criteo data from the previous year.
Amongst many high tech marketing tools is Criteo Customer Acquisition. Here is what it does:
“Target the right shopper at the right moment. Criteo Customer Acquisition helps you target new customers with the highest propensity to convert, using aggregated and anonymized historic shopping and browsing events.
Deliver user-centric, personalized product recommendations. Their machine-learning technology allows them to identify the right product for each shopper by granularly analyzing shopping patterns and product interests. Criteo uses Kinetic Design technology which serves up the best visual elements for each impression, using your brand guidelines. It creates video and display ads based on real-time insights to engage shoppers at every stage of their journey.
Pay only when shoppers engage with your campaigns. Criteo Customer Acquisition is the only performance-based acquisition solution that uses a transparent, CPC-based, campaign acquisition model.”
Meet the team of Criteo and you will be pleasantly surprised.

This sums it up for my list of the top 5 startups of France.
As a prelude to traveling to Paris check out an amazing 3D Virtual guided tour of Paris: Eiffel Tower District with Frederic Gourdet
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The future belongs to daring and innovative minds ❣

Note to my readers: due to the analytical reports I received, I am limiting the number of startups per article.


Startups of Russia

Today’s stop on the globe is Russia, majestic and magnificent. Officially known as the Russian Federation. At 17,125,200 square kilometres, Russia is the largest country in the world by area, covering more than one-eighth of the Earth’s inhabited land area, and ranks number 9 by population.

Russia has, in the past, and, presently, is contributing greatly to the world of innovations and discoveries. Examples are endless but here are significant few: Electrically-powered railway wagons by Fyodor Pirotsky, Videotape recorder by Alexander Poniatoff (Poniatov), who started the Ampex company in the United States. The company succeeded in producing the first quality video signal recorder. Global electronics giants had to use Poniatoff’s patents to produce home video equipment. Radio by Alexander Popov, a professor of physics, announced the invention of a system for wireless communications. Helicopter by Igor Sikorsky, Russian inventor whose potential was fully realized abroad. Electronic television – one of the biggest inventions of 20th century by Vladimir Zworykin, Russian engineer whose inventions debuted in the United States. Inventions in chemistry and physiology by Mendeleev and Pavlov. Inventions in writing and music: Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Chekov, Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Sergei Rachmaninoff. More modern period – Irving Berlin, known to all for his delightful Christmas carols, White Christmas being the most popular. Berlin is widely considered one of the greatest songwriters in American history, originally from Russia.

Russia is the country of avant-garde scientists, talented musicians, knowledgeable engineers, beautiful women, world-renowned figure skaters, and world anticipated space tourism program.

Russia is the country of warm people with the big history they have inherited from past generations. Russia is the country of people who fought and won one of the biggest wars to date, with the help of their allies, World War II. Survivors from Concentration camps, all over the world, remember how Russian soldiers freed them. Today, May 9, marks the Victory Day in Russia. 

It is one of my favorite stops on the globe in search of new age startups because this is where I am from, part of me, my children’s heritage.

Here is the long awaited list of Russia’s 15 top startups:

Are we entering a new era of moderately sized concrete innovations? 3D printed architecture is from Russia’s Apis Cor  that 3D printed a residential house in 24 hours. “Design of the single-story residential house is rather unusual. This project was selected specifically, as one of the main purposes of this construction is to demonstrate the flexibility of equipment and diversity of available forms. The house can be of any shape, including the familiar square shape, because the additive technology has no restrictions on design of new buildings, except for the laws of physics. It means it’s time to talk about the new fantastic potential of architectural solutions. The printing process is automated as much as possible and almost eliminates the risk of human error.

The roof of the house in Stupino, in accordance with the architectural project, is flat. The solution proposed by the TechnoNICOL company can effectively withstand high snow loads and durability requirements. Its cost is comparable with steep roofs, which are common for Russia. For the printed walls finishing, the mineral decorative plaster was used. The composition of mineral plaster consists of white cement and ball-shaped marble and granite crumbs, so it can serve as an additional heat insulation and goes well with the thermal insulation systems: can act as a top layer, especially if the insulation used is mineral wool. Performs the function of a thin-layer decorative plasters on walls that do not require insulation. Easy to use and work with. Possesses good hydrophobic properties.” Paint used is eco friendly and resistant to weather conditions. The cost of construction amounted to $10134, the highest quality materials were used.

The world’s first 3D printed residential house 

Are you as blown away as I am? Wait until you read about the next startup.

3D Bioprinting Solutions “What’s Russia famous for? The Kalashnikov – the AK47,” says Vladimir Mironov, chief scientific officer at 3D Bioprinting Solutions. “Well now we have a different motto: not shoot to kill, but shoot to heal – using a tissue gun.” Source

3D Bioprinting Solutions set to make history again by sending a bioprinter into space. 

“3D Bioprinting Solutions aims to study the effect of radiation in space on the human body by printing cell tissue and organ constructs directly in space. To this end, it plans to send a 3D bioprinter developed especially for use in microgravity up to the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS) by the end of this year. Scientists have long been interested in growing cells in space: on Earth, cells grown artificially grow in a flatter structure than they do naturally in the human body. When grown in conditions of microgravity, however, the cells take on a more natural structure. Microgravity also makes possible the use of a new kind of 3D printing: formative technology. “On Earth we use additive technology to create things in layers,” explains Usef Hesuani, cofounder of 3D Bioprinting Solutions.

I am familiar with the term “love affair with a place” geographical place. It’s a random spot on the globe where one feels comfortable and content. People say the stars are aligned a certain way, in that spot of the world. Traveling is one of the ways to find your random spot on the globe. Learning about another culture and the history of the place is fascinating and creates life long memories. There is no one better than a local to show you around and really see the place. PlaceMates will do exactly that. “PlaceMates – this is traveling in a new way 

How about walking around Moscow with a photographer, going backstage of the biggest Russia theater, get some drinks while bar hopping in St Petersburg, make a wish on shooting star while being in mountain observatory or singing along with a host of a winery?
The locals will introduce you to the best that is in their cities.”

Iceberg for hockey Sports Analytics by “capturing the game every 0.1 seconds, and advanced analytics through the use of complex mathematical algorithms”. From Iceberg co-founder Martynov, in his interview:  “Sport analytics technologies are set to become a game changer in team management, games broadcasting as well as in betting and fantasy sports.” Source “I would say the most advanced (teams that use ICEBERG), they use the data and they share it with players,” ICEBERG co-founder Nikolay Koshkin said.  “There is a clear trend all across the globe in different countries and across different leagues — professional leagues, college leagues — that people want to use technology and products like ICEBERG to increase chances to win the game, to be more efficient, also to optimize the budget as well as to do the right scouting and play selection.” co-founder Martynov.  Source
More than a million data points per game are tracked, enabling the analysis of passing efficiency, goal probability, the number of seconds into his shift when a player starts losing pace, best line matchups, whose body checks are the most effective, where a player makes the most shots, and what types of shots a goalie has difficulty handling.”
Iceberg plans to provide data for other sports, broadcasters, and the gaming industry in the near future. 

FootBot a robotic training system for soccer players. 

Their long-term vision is to “become a world leader company in sport robotics and analytics using technologies in next areas:

* mechatronic systems for sports;
* data collection and analysis for physical, functional, technical (and probably emotional) assessment of sportsmen;
* artificial intelligence for planning training, nutrition and recovering.”

Heedbook “is a first AI-based software for evaluating customer sentiment by face-to-face service” Maslov, founder of Heedbook

EHFE technology

“A game changing CLEAN and EFFECTIVE technology that
converts fossil fuel and/or renewable energy into work
or heat and electricity,
and transforms waste heat into electricity or work”
EHFE technology:
With EHFE technology no feed pumps are needed, hence no power consumption to drive the same. Our technology creates conditions for heat transfer efficiency rise and is applicable in ORC steam power plants as well as in small scale power generation (e.g. in separate houses, residential buildings, district power generation systems, enterprises on-site power generation, etc.).

Exoatlet with slogan “We give people the chance to walk again and that’s just the start!”
ExoAtlet I for home:
“The exoskeleton is a new level of freedom.” This phrase was uttered by one of the first people to test ExoAtlet, and all those who have since had the opportunity to try it agree. ExoAtlet consists of a motorised frame that is worn almost like a suit and that allows people confined to wheelchairs to stand up for the first time since their injury – and not just to stand up, but to walk. With the help of the exoskeleton, its wearers can walk at different speeds and on different surfaces, without being held up by stairs and obstacles along the way. ExoAtlet completely copies a person’s natural walk by helping them to walk automatically. But this does not mean that the whole process is automatic and doesn’t involve any input from the wearer. Moving in an exoskeleton can be compared to driving a motorbike. Getting used to controlling it and learning again to keep your balance and take your first step can take from several hours up to several days of training. In some cases, if the spinal cord is not completely damaged and the injury was sustained relatively recently, there is a chance that disability can be avoided. But this window of opportunity is not long: the sooner a person returns to an upright position and takes their first step with the help of ExoAtlet, the higher the chance of restoring their motor function and returning them to their previous way of life” 
For those who have completely lost their motor function ExoAtlet will improve the quality of life by partially replacing wheelchair, thus improving lung ventilation, stabilizing blood pressure and increasing joint flexibility.
There is ExoAtlet I for clinics.
ExoAtlet Pro is in development and will be launching this year, it differs from ExoAtlet I:

 Suits for patients with stroke

Heart rate monitor

Electric muscle stimulation 

Modular design

Steps initiation

Eidos Robotics Solutions For Industrial Automation. Why do you need it? “The main reason is that it pays off. Robots do not require a salary. Robots do not get sick and go on vacation. Robotized manufacture outputs products of stable quality. Every day and every night.” Solutions: Automation of PET packaging production, Adaptive robotic welding using ALTAIR 3d-vision system, Adaptive automation of machines and presses, RoboticsLab software for robots control, Programming of industrial robots and related services, Automatic production lines, full construction, Hexapod multifunctional industrial manipulators. 

SteamJet Innovative water thruster for satellite orbit control – 

“SteamJet is developing a safe compact incombustible thruster for orbit control of CubeSat satellites. 

The main technology is a rapid heating of a non-combustible working fluid.

Our advantages:

The thruster is safe to be stored on a space station or a spacecraft

Our solution is simpler and cheaper than the competitors’

Our thruster simplifies the design of other engine components by implementing a more effective mode of working mass exhaustion

The size of the thruster is 1U, it can be mounted on a small satellite that is larger than 2U in size.”

When I think of ballet, Swan Lakes, Tchaikovsky, Russia, come to mind. Ballet with it’s poise, grace and flexibility has always been and still is a big part of Russian culture.

An unforgettable Bolshoi Theater in Moscow is home to ballet, opera and concerts. Bolshoi Theatre is one of the historic landmarks of Russia. Here is the story of it’s origin – “On 28 March (17 according to the old style) 1776, Catherine II granted the prosecutor, Prince Pyotr Urusov, the “privilege” of “maintaining” theatre performances of all kinds, including masquerades, balls and other forms of entertainment, for a period of ten years. And it is from this date that Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre traces its history”. Bolshoi Theatre presents Bolshoi Ballet with production revival “Coppelia”, ballet in 3 acts as well as other magnificent productions. Bolshoi theater is in cinemas now. “Coppelia” will be broadcast by satellite live from Moscow on June 10.  Here is the preview 

Elementaree personalized menu created by a chef, every week a new menu created, all ingredients chosen according to your likes, preparation of delicious meals will not take longer than 15 minutes, dietitian on staff will create a menu for those who need it according to diagnosis or genetic testing. Fresh and tasty. Create a restaurant at home.

Russia’s Smart City of the future, Innopolis. “Smart cities’ is the latest concept when it comes to building the cities of the future. Smart cities are expected to be the key to combining a sustainable future with continued economic growth and job creation. There are many definitions of a smart city including sustainable, liveable, intelligent and green. However, the common denominator seems to be access to data and intelligent tools to connect knowledge and people to drive change. What set Smart Cities aside compared to ‘Eco Cities’ and ‘Sustainable Cities’ is its strategic use of new and high-tech, ICT-based solutions to connect the citizens and technologies of the city on a common platform. 

The Smart City can be defined as a city which makes it surplus into resources through its use of information and communication technologies combined with sustainable and environmentally friendly multiple solutions. It emphasises the need to improve the level of mobility and connectedness through collaboration and open source knowledge on all levels of the society. The following will focus on 4 topics within the concept of a Smart City; infrastructure, energy, water and wastewater treatment and green buildings.” Source “MyGenetics is service for wellbeing and nutrition coaching based on DNA analysis. We develop personal diet and lifestyle plans and advise on implementation.”

Startup Village 2018 for the most talented people to present their ideas and innovations. Amazing innovations Make the World 🌍 go Round.

This sums it up for my list of top 15 startups of Russia.

The future belongs to daring and innovative minds ❣
Stay tuned for the next stop on the globe, startups of France on Euphoria Athena & Tyche is the best start for startups globally.


Startups of India

Today’s stop on the globe in search of extraordinary startups that ordinary people could benefit from, is India. India is the country that ranks 2nd in the world by population which is 1,349,634,415 people and constitutes 17.74% of the total world population.
This is the country of the forward thinking “political woman” as she called herself, Indira Gandhi – the first and, to date, the only female Prime Minister of India. Her progressive thinking is actual to date “We have to prove to the disinherited majority of the world that ecology and conservation will not work against their interest but will bring an improvement in their lives.” Indira Gandhi. India is known for it’s healthy and full of aromas Indian cuisine, Darjeeling and Chai teas full of flavor and goodness, famed Taj Mahal – ivory – white marble mausoleum in the city of Agra, India is home to between 50 and 60% of all of Asia’s wild elephants and about 20% of the domesticated elephants. India produces world largest amount of engineers and according to sources, one of the best.
India is also ranked 3rd in the world of startups, followed by Israel. Both are in anticipation of Israel-India Startup Platform for Innovative Research and Entrepreneurship, what is looking to be an ingenious and profitable solution.

Feeding India will start the list of India’s 15 most fascinating startups.

Feeding India simple yet impactful concept of this startup helps to feed the youth of India that are at a disadvantage. It does so by providing the extra food from the restaurants and other places. Not only youth, other groups of people are beneficiaries as well.
“Popular Chefs ask their supporters, followers and other foodies to not waste food, donate any extra food to Feeding India and save what they love – tasty food.”
Our focus is on feeding individual regular meals, especially those who cannot earn for themselves due to natural hardships. We also donate to other target groups and work towards making them independent. We help people get up on their feet so they can get study, work, play and live better.”
Their attitude is admirable to the fact that in civilized society one should help another to become independent and productive citizen.
“Globally, hunger kills more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined. In India 194.6 million suffering from hunger. Globally, 40% of all food goes to waste. Food waste is dumped in landfills, producing methane, ultimately leading to acute climatic problems.” Two major causes benefit from the solution this startup offers, which is to feed the hungry and to preserve the environment by not waisting food.
Ankit Kawatra is a founder of Feeding India and his dream is to make hunger history. It is hard to overpower that. Yet, the next startup managed to do just that. Well done Feeding India startup ❣

EnviGreen dissolves in water, burns like paper – India’s first biodegradable substitute to plastic.

“They look like plastic bags but are made of materials like natural starch and vegetable oil derivatives. If placed in a glass of water at normal temperature, an EnviGreen bag dissolves in a day. And when placed in a glass of boiling water, it dissolved in just 15 seconds! These bags take less than 180 days to biodegrade naturally once discarded. So users can throw them away without worrying about harming the environment. The bags are even edible and will cause no harm to animals if ingested.”
“According to the Minister of State for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, 15,000 tonnes of plastic waste is generated in India every day, out of which 9,000 tonnes is collected and processed, while 6,000 tonnes is not collected.” Source
For the plastic that is already in the circulation Banyan Nation startup comes with the solution to remove the contaminants while recycling the plastic and adding environmentally friendly substitutes, afterwards releasing the newly recycled eco friendly plastic back into the circulation.
“Banyan’s proprietary plastic cleaning technology removes inks, coatings, and other contaminants using environment friendly detergents and solvents to supply near virgin quality recycled granules to brands, a first in India highly informal, low tech industry. Banyan pioneered closed loop recycling initiatives with India’s leading automotive company (making new bumpers from discarded ones) and a global cosmetics company (making new bottles from discarded ones), establishing circular economy leadership in the automotive and beauty sector respectively, that can be extended to other industries.”

Edible cutlery
“As you are aware plastic contains chemical complexes, several of which are neuro toxic and carcinogenic. These leach into food. In fact, even the so called food grade cutlery is that, where this leaching is within permissible levels of 60 Parts Per Million (PPM). When you know that the substances that leach can cause cancer and impact your nervous system, why should you allow even one part per million!!! Beware next time you consume food served in or stored in plastic bags/ containers/ pouches/ cheap thin bags. A healthy, nutritious and eco friendly alternative. This is why we made these edible and safe products. Our cutlery is made of flours of jowar (sorghum) blended with rice and wheat. They contain NO chemicals/preservatives/fat/plasticizes, emulsifiers, artificial colour or milk products. In fact they contain nothing that is not a plant product (except salt, which we add for taste).
It is 100% natural, biodegradable/ vegetarian and Vegan.
They can also be made gluten free and with many other grains that are easily available in other countries. None of them will need preservatives or emulsifiers or fat at all. They are simply baked in high temperatures. “
“The Planet Earthlings project is merging the functionality of a 3d Virtual World and a Social Network into a gamified educational destination with the central goal of empowering young people. It’s called “Zarbul,” the intergalactic word for the universe. Zarbul is space themed and has an overall story to excite and reward players giving them an opportunity to have fun while learning. Here is the first short video of the multiplayer platform:

The mission in “Acting Kindly” game is to save planet earth. Apparently you can do it by helping your mom run errands as well as other deeds

“Acting Kindly” is an alien inspired change the world card mobile app and game where users/players perform random acts of kindness and playful deeds to spread joy. It can be played at school, in your neighborhood, at events or other public venues. The mobile version is available for Android and iOS. Search “Acting Kindly” on the Play Store or App Store.

Global 3D Labs – India’s first commercially available chocolate 3D printer: the Chocobot, a multifunctional tool capable of directly 3D printing dark, white, milk and other chocolates. ‘The Pramaan V3 is our latest FDM 3D printer which comes equipped with a 25x25x25 cm3 build volume. It comes with the octoprint ability which can be used to 3D print over Wifi and the internet,’ Global 3D Labs team reveals. ‘It also sports an onboard camera which can be used to get a live feed of the print. Pramaan V3 comes with a Filament sensor as well, which notifies the user when the filament is entangled or about to get over. Connectivity options include Cloud connectivity, SD card, WiFi and LCD screen.’
Here is a delicious video

You ask why Global 3D Labs?
“In the current 3D printing scenario in India, the imported high quality 3D printers are very expensive and the cheap 3D printers are of low to mediocre quality. Our 3D printers stand apart as our team of passionate professionals always ensures that the Pramaan Series 3D printers are advanced, reliable, cost-effective and most importantly, best-in-class. In addition to manufacturing high quality and cost effective 3D printers, we also stand apart because of our after-sales and warranty support. Since we are manufacturers located in India, our after-sales support is highly efficient and very reliable throughout the country.” Another significant fact, this innovative technology is being used in dentistry by pioneer doctors because “it is ideal for dental models and in-mouth treatment devices.”

From the nature for the nature” MultifunCo logo,
Research vision: “Enable getting as close to the truth as one intends with the least effort!”
Research mission: “
“Better understand non-classical phenomenon in conventional and multifunctional composites
Simultaneous high-fidelity and high-efficiency mathematical models
Improved analysis and design techniques for current and futuristic application”
The company created innovative technology and solution for aircrafts that can protect the environment in a profitable way by creating “lead-free piezoelectric fibers & the carbon-core battery fibers as well as their multifunctional composites along with the interfacing circuits for energy recycling, storage & delivery to local low-power electronic loads”.

Steradian system offers integrated circuit (IC) that maximizes pixel per square millimeter thus giving high-resolution 4D radar for autonomous vehicles.
“Steradian expertize covers all aspects of the Radar System – Semiconductors, Antennas and Radar Image reconstruction through Machine Learning Algorithms.”
“Imagine the radar to be an inferior camera that happens to work well in harsh weather condition, but has very few pixels,” explains Lachhwani, one of the founders. ‘But our high resolution imaging radar system offers a 32X improvement from available solutions in the market,” he adds.
The 4th dimension is added using property of Doppler “This helps predict the time of impact of any object moving towards the vehicle so it can stop or steer accordingly,” says Lachhwani. Source “Women’s safety is a massive problem all over the world. A lot of women find themselves in compromised and unsafe situations. And, I am not okay with that,” says DAZL, cofounder, Aditi Chadha.
Furthermore, “Our mission is to leverage technology to build a community of confident and fearless women,” shares Chadha.
Apart from sending location based SOS alerts to friends and family in an emergency, the device is also capable of emitting a loud beeping noise at the press of a button to scare away a potential assaulter.
“It has an amazing battery life with 45 days standby time on a single charge, is aesthetically appealing and comes with additional functionalities,” explains Chadha.

This 17-month old startup does not offer a disruptive technology, but rather a simple solution to a mind-numbing problem. “We have all arrived at a hospital, brimming with the promise of immediate attention courtesy an appointment made days before only to sit in a queue, seething at the fruitlessness of the whole appointment booking process.”
The founders of Sminq – Shachin Bharadwaj, Santhosh Nagarajan and Sheldon DSouza – claim that their solution can make you an appointment that keeps. “By saving approximately 74 minutes of wait time per patient, we have saved more than 140 years of waiting time till date for all patients,” claims Nagarajan.
Real-time update on your appointment
Currently used only in hospitals or clinics, the app – available on Android, iOS and desktop – has two interfaces: One for the doctors to schedule their days and the other for the patients to receive notifications and alerts to plan their appointment.
“Our algorithms understand the trend and the pattern that a particular doctor follows at her/his clinic and accordingly, predict the time that a patient can expect to be served at,” explains Nagarajan. source Stay fit – exercise, eat healthy and meditate with this website. “New wave of fitness and healthy living”

Sig Tuple introduces “Shonit” powered by Artificial Intelligence to provide more accurate diagnostic for patients.
“Shonit™ : is a complete peripheral blood smear analyser solution which automates the routine tasks like differential counts. Additionally, it provides a screening solution for various parasitic infections like malaria and disorders like anaemia. It starts by capturing images of blood smear slides with a phone fitted on a microscope. The images are analysed on cloud using state of the art image processing and deep learning techniques. Finally it generates reports containing differential blood counts, visualisations on various blood metrics and suggestions about any abnormalities. The report can then be reviewed by pathologists on any net connected device, from anywhere in the world, making this product useful for areas having a dearth of specialists.”

To help small farmers Kamal Kisan manufactured affordable machinery to reduce labor cost by at least 50%. Kamal Kisan first manufactured a vegetable planter in July 2015. “We, as innovators, never see small farmers as our customers. I think this perspective has to be changed,” says Devi, founder of the company. Small farmers (Farmlands with less than five acres of area) in India constitute more than 80% of farm holdings today.

Triton Foodworks offers unconventional solution by introducing Hydroponics to grow fruits and vegetables. “Hydroponics is the science of growing plants without soil. Nutrients are supplied to plants through water, with or without a growing medium. At Triton Foodworks, we have optimized the various hydroponics techniques known, to make agriculture profitable and sustainable.”

Startup India Hub will assist and mentor young entrepreneurs, recognize new startups, connect entrepreneurs and investors.

This sums it up for my list of the top 15 India’s tartups.

The future belongs to daring and innovative minds ❣

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Top Emotional Artificial Intelligence (EAI) Startups globally

Today’s hot topic is emotional intelligence.  I will cover AI startups all over the globe that may have cracked the EQ code.

Essential parts of communication as body language, facial emotions, voice intonation, and touch are all cues into ones’s present state of mind and for scientists it’s the way to calculate and predict behavior and determine personality traits.
Emotional intelligence has been quantified for centuries through recognised examinations such as IQ tests. Emotional intelligence has proved harder to capture.
Human behavior could be predicted by understanding and calculating one’s emotions. AI startups have developed the technology where facial emotions and micro-expressions that last fragments of a second are studied and examined to establish patterns, then evaluated further to find out what provokes those emotions, to conclusively determine underlying behavior traits. This technology is beneficial for hiring talent, predicting purchase behavior, finding dating partner, finding one’s suitability for sports by analyzing personality traits, advertising, marketing, event planning, security and much more. Most importantly, I suppose, companies that possess this vital information should use it with utmost sensitivity as not to manipulate those that are vulnerable.

Here are the top Emotional Artificial Intelligence (EAI) startups all over the globe as we inevitably enter the age of transparency. I’m starting with the newest emerging startups.

Horus, impressive and impactful startup from Italy that will improve the quality of life for so many people.

“Our first product, Horus, is a wearable device developed to assist blind and partially sighted people in their daily life. Horus observes, understands and describes the environment to the person using it, providing useful information with the right timing and in a discreet way using bone conduction. Horus is able to read texts, to recognize faces, objects and much more.”

“Horus is composed by a wearable headset with cameras and by a pocket unit that contains a powerful processor and a long lasting battery. The user can activate each functionality through a set of buttons located both on the headset and the pocket unit. The buttons are very easy to find thanks to their different shapes.”

Ranjan heads up Entropik Technologies, 

Amazing website and brilliant concept from startup from India which seeks to make interactions between humans and machines seamless. “At Entropik Tech, we’re building a software that adds emotional interaction between consumers and products. We help translate human behaviour and transform product experiences, by giving artificial intelligence the power to think from an emotional perspective with two products – AffectLab and Chromo.”

The tech he’s building reads your interactions and gauges how you feel while you’re performing them.
“Ranjan’s diagram – called a circumplex model – explains their first product, Chromo. It reads the smartphone user’s screen touches and quantifies that into different emotions, complete with degrees of positivity or negativity as well as levels of intensity. He marks emotions for me on the graph – happiness, which is intense and positive; relaxation, which is positive but with low intensity; anger, which is negative with high intensity; and boredom, which is negative with low intensity. Depending on how hard and fast you touch your phone screen, Chromo takes a reading of valence – whether the emotion is positive or negative – and intensity. The product also has motion sensing abilities. It can tell if a user is stationary, walking, or running. It knows the position of the phone (portrait or landscape, whether the user is holding the phone with the screen facing up or down). “We utilize that stuff to analyze everything around a user: where you are, what you’re doing,” Ranjan explains. In turn, fashion ecommerce and research companies can use Chromo to collect data. Knowing how a person’s emotions change while watching a video, for example, can help a content site know what kinds of stories to publish.” Source

The first public pilot, headquartered in The Netherlands and U.K.- Emotions.Tech’s artificial emotional intelligence, launched in May,

Using 5 core emotions Emrays Technologies “Calculating Emotions” and teaming up with search engine Mojeek to create the world first emotional search engine:
“Give us any piece of text and we will tell what people will feel when they read it. We can even predict emotional response on a piece of poetry which is extremely difficult task.”

AI Algorithm can read your mind

Researchers from ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories and Kyoto University in Japan developed a deep learning-based algorithm that can generate images from brain activity.

“The reconstruction algorithm starts from a random image and iteratively optimize the pixel values so that the DNN (deep neural network) features of the input image become similar to those decoded from brain activity across multiple DNN layers,” mentioned the researchers in their paper ‘Deep image reconstruction from human brain activity’. “The resulting optimized image is taken as the reconstruction from the brain activity.”

“Our brain processes visual information by hierarchically extracting different levels of features or components of different complexities,” Kyoto University Graduate School of Informatics Professor Yukiyasu Kamitani shared about the impact of their work, “These neural networks or AI models can be used as a proxy for the hierarchical structure of the human brain.”


Promobot, innovative startup from Russia, a resident startup of the Skolkovo Foundation’s IT cluster,
“The Perm-based company has just released version 4 of its cheeky service robots, whose antics have made headlines around the world and which are already on sale in about a dozen countries. Now the company is planning to open its first representative office abroad, in the United States. Promobot founder and CEO Alexei Yuzhakov shared his latest news and plans for the new generation of robots “Working as a waiter, concierge, tour guide in museums or consultant are all roles that Promobot V.4 can easily perform. If a pass has been ordered for you, the robot will recognise you and issue it right away. If not, it will offer to call the person who has to order the pass. It can enter the visitor information in a digital ledger, so there is no need for a concierge: our aim to replace a person,” explained Yuzhakov.

Meet Promobot

UK startup Human

“Emotional Artificial Intelligence software that startups claim could decipher deep human personality traits. It does this by analysing subliminal facial expressions in real-time. Video captures a person’s individual expressions, which machine learning evaluates to both instantly reveal their emotions in a given moment and understand their underlying behavioural traits. The results can identify whether someone is lying, disagreeing, nervous or passionate.” Source
“We look into the micro-expressions,” says Human’s CEO and founder Yi Xu. “These are the milliseconds of movement on the face which the naked human eyes often get wrong.”

Shanghai-based startup Emotibot Emotibot for Everyone, for every business, and everywhere.
“made an AI-powered bot that can complete practical tasks as well as have a conversation with you.
“If you talk about artificial intelligence trends in China, a lot of people are doing autonomous driving, face recognition and voice recognition,” Kenny Chien, founder and CEO of Emotibot tells TechNode. “Natural language understanding is the hardest, and we are doing that. It means the robot has to understand your intention.”
A 24-hour AI companion dedicated to you. “As the only AI company with language, image and voice triple human-computer interaction technology and “multimodal emotion recognition technology”, Emotibot aims to build an AI companion that can read, see, listen, remember, self-learn, and actually understand your emotion, as well as understanding the affective states, emotions and intent of the speaker like real human beings do.
Understanding human affective states and emotions is a complex science, and also a huge technical challenge. Emotibot is trying to reveal the secrets of this complex interaction through AI. Only this way, AI can communicate with people in the most natural way. Emotibot’s AI bots have been able to provide users with over 30 functions and services including travel planning, hotel reservations, etc.They also support fast access to mobile phones, App, websites, IoT, intelligent devices and other terminals, in order to more closely connect people with the world.”
Check out a Personal Bot, Fin Bot, Service Bot on Emotibot.

Cunny “Like a self writing book, writing itself while it is read” startup from Italy
Stefano Bargagni, founder and CEO  “aims to establish itself in the mobile video market with a highly innovative product, called MorphCast. A new type of media, which adds value to the emotional response of the viewer linked with the production of a video, in real time, ensuring the privacy of the viewer itself.”


🙂 Affectiva USA startup “Out of MIT Media Lab”

Founded by talented scientists Rana el Kaliouby and Rosalind Picard, who co-founded Affectiva.
“Humans use a lot of non-verbal cues, such as facial expressions, gesture, body language and tone of voice, to communicate their emotions. Our vision is to develop Emotion AI that can detect emotion just the way humans do, from multiple channels. Our long term goal is to develop “Multimodal Emotion AI”, that combines analysis of both face and speech as complementary signals to provide richer insight into the human expression of emotion. For several years now, Affectiva has been offering industry leading technology for the analysis of facial expressions of emotions. Most recently, Affectiva has added speech capabilities now available to select beta testers.

Emotion detection – Face. Our Emotion AI unobtrusively measures unfiltered and unbiased facial expressions of emotion, using any optical sensor or just a standard webcam. Our technology first identifies a human face in real time or in an image or video. Computer vision algorithms identify key landmarks on the face – for example, the corners of your eyebrows, the tip of your nose, the corners of your mouth. Deep learning algorithms then analyze pixels in those regions to classify facial expressions. Combinations of these facial expressions are then mapped to emotions. Using our SDK and API, developers can emotion-enable their apps, devices and digital experiences, so these can sense and adapt to facial expressions of emotion. Available for all major platforms, on device and in the cloud.” From the founder of the company “I think that, ten years down the line, we won’t remember what it was like when we couldn’t just frown at our device, and our device would say, ‘Oh, you didn’t like that, did you?’ ”

Israeli startup BeyondVerbal

“Working with leading research institutes around the world, Beyond Verbal is extracting vocal parameters in order to reveal vocal biomarkers – distinct voice features indicating various health conditions. Valence – A variable ranging from negativity to positivity. When listening to a person talk, it is possible to understand how “positive” or “negative” they feel about the subject, object or event under discussion. Temper – An emotional measure that covers a speaker’s entire mood range. Low temper describes depressive and gloomy moods. Medium temper describes friendly, warm and embracive moods. High temper values describe confrontational, domineering and aggressive moods. Mood groups – A key indicator of a speaker’s emotional state during the analyzed voice section. The API produces a total of 11 mood groups ranging from anger, loneliness and self-control to happiness and excitement. The ability to extract vocal biomarkers in a nonintrusive, continuous and passive manner has the potential to revolutionize conventional patient care.”

nViso startup from Switzerland.

“They have original 3D facial imaging technology that works with “ordinary webcams” to gauge consumers’ responses online.” Source

This sums it up for my list of top EAI startups globally, first edition.

The future belongs to daring and innovative minds ❣
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Euphoria Athena & Tyche startups has been selected as a new member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, which has the ambition to bring “clean and profitable solutions to protect the environment“ globally. This ingenious and impactful foundation is an advocate for clean technologies.

The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions was created at the initiative of the Solar Impulse Foundation, following the success of the first solar flight around the globe accomplished by Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg. “Today, thousands of solutions exist that can boost economic growth while preserving nature, but they are often hidden in start-ups or research labs. They remain unknown to decision makers and are not implemented at industry level. So few people realize that everyone can use them and how profitable they have become.”

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Startups of California

Continuing to travel the globe 🌎  in search of extraordinary startups that ordinary people could benefit from.

The next stop is beautiful California, USA, that is notorious for it’s Silicon Valley region, the southern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area, the home of innovative minds and the world center of high tech startups.

Here is my list of the top 15 startups of California.

Rethink Robotics “SMARTER, COLLABORATIVE ROBOTS”, offering Sawyer and Baxter bots. Sawyer is “high performance collaborative robot for tasks requiring greater precision and payload, is now available for machine tending, electronic component manufacturing, packaging, and much more”. Baxter is “The world’s first dual arm collaborative robot, Baxter is simple to train for repetitive production tasks such as discrete part handling, line loading, packing and unpacking, and many more applications.”

Cushion “Our bot has a black belt in fee negotiation. Expect refunds on fees like… ATM fees, credit card interest charges, monthly service fees, late fees, overdraft fees, account maintenance fees, minimum balance fees, wire transfer fees”. Get your money back by visiting this site and leaving your email in order to request invite and claim your spot on the waiting list.
SafeGraph is a data company. Here is a brief overview from CEO Auren Hoffman:
“Information should not be hoarded so that only a few can innovate. We need as many organizations as possible working to solve the challenges facing humanity. SafeGraph’s mission is to make the world’s data open for innovation while protecting individuals privacy. To provide truth sets to the world’s innovators, we need to meticulously record and archive the world’s facts and events. Our job is to find out what happened, when it happened, and where it happened. Data that isn’t true has little use. SafeGraph needs to independently verify the veracity of every data element. Of course, data can never be 100% true … but we should strive to make it 100% true.” I can think of many applications for this startup. Practically every startup I mentioned in this or previous publication could use and benefit from the information that is meticulously gathered and provided by SafeGraph. There are many applications for accurate data from SafeGraph, one of them is determining trend direction and another is creating one.
Occamzrazor funded by Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinson’s Research.
“OccamzRazor is an AI-driven neuroscience therapeutics startup. Our product RAZOR consumes and analyzes a variety of biomedical datasets, constructing an exhaustive knowledge graph representing all known information about Parkinson’s disease. This graph is used to drive downstream therapeutic insight and strategic drug development.” With today’s technology I hope we find cure for Parkinson’s disease.

Tetra App that could be downloaded on the App store. “Tetra uses AI to take notes on phone calls, to help you focus, remember the details, and keep your team in sync.
$9 per month for 5 hours call time per month, other plans available.

Marble “Your Friendly Neighborhood Robot” so simple yet so impactful. About the company “We’re a fast-moving team based in San Francisco solving the enormous challenge of automating the transportation of goods. Our robots use a hybrid-autonomy system with people at the core of their operations. They use advanced sensors and high-resolution 3D city maps to efficiently and politely navigate busy urban environments. Our robots have swappable cargo bays to transport various types of goods – the best way to transport warm meals isn’t necessarily the best way to transport medicine.” Truly is “paradigm shift of our generation”.

The tech startup Bodega
“At Bodega, we’re combining the convenience of online ordering with the instant gratification of real world retail. We’re building hardware, software and supply chain operations to create delightful automated stores that are only a few feet away and always stocked with what you need.”
“A tech startup called Bodega that hopes to replace mom-and-pop shops with unmanned boxes that rely on an app and artificial intelligence is facing a massive backlash from immigrant business owners and skeptics across Sillicon Valley.’s executives have been widely mocked, and criticized for explicitly stating that their mission is to displace neighborhood corner stores and put family-owned shops out of business.” (source Great startup concept of the future, whereas mom-and-pop shops is today and not going anywhere for the next few decades at least, also cater to a different generation and certainly not under a threat of this new emerging startup.

The Grid AI web designer

For starters $96 yearly.

Luminance is London based startup that gave rise to many new revolutionary startups sharing the same concept of artificial intelligence platform for the legal profession. LegalRobot AI for Law startup that helps you understand legal language. The software reads the legal document and offers advice on how to approach any given situation.

“5G, WiGig, IoT, 4K video will drive the massive wireless data consumption of tomorrow. Carbonics is grasping the future and creating RF semiconductor solutions with higher frequency, more efficiency and greater linearity attributes for smarter mobile and wireless solutions. Our solution embraces 100% CMOS compatibility towards a CMOS plus Carbon single wireless chip solution.”

MAX BioPharma “MAX BioPharma is a California-based biotechnology firm developing novel small molecule lipids, referred to as oxysterols, as candidates for therapeutic drugs for debilitating and fatal human diseases. These oxysterol molecules belong to the family of sterols that have the ability to stimulate bone growth, block the growth of cancer cells, and inhibit their ability to metastasize. The company is a pioneer in this new field of Oxysterol Therapeutics® and focused on translating our key science into use for two large unmet medical needs: bone formation (in fracture repair, bone tissue engineering, and osteoporosis) and cancer.”

C3J Therapeutic

“A disrupted or imbalanced microbial ecology due to disease or broad-spectrum antibiotic use can result in negative clinical consequences and prolonged debilitating infections. Recent understandings of the human microbiome have illustrated the importance of a healthy and balanced microbial ecosystem and the link to improvements in human disease outcomes and disease risk. Specifically Targeted Antimicrobial Peptides, or STAMPs, are designed by first identifying targeting domains in bacterial genomes using genomic mining techniques. An antimicrobial peptide is then linked to the targeting domain allowing us to specifically direct the antimicrobial activity to a pathogen or group of pathogens of choice within a microbial community. The proprietary platform technology allows the STAMP to effectively reengineer the microbiota by selectively killing the targeted pathogen while sparing the remaining healthy microorganisms within the indigenous microflora. This targeted approach represents an enormous improvement over broad-spectrum antibiotics that indiscriminately kill both beneficial and pathogenic bacteria. Treatment with STAMPs results in biofilm communities that remain intact and “healthier” after treatment, and serve as a barrier to prevent reinfection.”

Rocco “Rocco learns the ins-and-outs of your business and brand voice. Rocco will suggest fresh content that your followers are likely to engage with. Spend less time coming up with content strategies and crafting social-media posts. Sit back and watch your engagement skyrocket. :)”
Rocco will analyze which campaigns have the best reach, engagement and shares. Check out their monthly plans.

Nanotech Energy
“Imagine a world where charging your smart phone, laptop, power tools, medical devices or even electric cars happened in just a few minutes with an energy storage system that runs three times longer than traditional batteries on a single charge. Hyped as the material of tomorrow, Graphene is the future of today in all of Nanotech Energy products. We are leading the charge to turn graphene and other nano materials into safer and more powerful products with our Graphene, Graphene Oxide and Graphene SUPERbattery solutions.”

Calimmune “Calimmune is accelerating the promise of gene therapy to liberate patients from chronic and currently incurable diseases.” About gene therapy: “Our gene therapy process works by genetically modifying patients’ own cells to shield and strengthen their immune system. The promise of this approach is to create enduring and perhaps life-long protection for individuals living with a broad range of debilitating and currently incurable diseases.”

This sums it up for my list of top 15 California startups.

The future belongs to daring and innovative minds ❣
Stay tuned for the next stop on the globe of top EAI startups on Euphoria Athena & Tyche is the best start for startups globally.


Startups of UK

Continuing to travel the globe 🌍 in search of extraordinary startups that ordinary people could benefit from, startups with daring, innovative and brilliant ideas and attitude, startups whose one foot is in the future dictating progress for humanity. Today’s stop is UK startups with their avant-garde concepts and cutting edge technology.

Intelligent minds together with pioneering high tech of will start the list of UK 15 most fascinating startups. is “Creating a future without limits” by developing the world’s first principled AI decision-making platform.

“’s Decision Making systems:

are autonomous
learn from experience
use Probabilistic models that are flexible enough to generalise to novel situations
adapt to changing environments by refining their strategies in data-driven ways
continually update their environmental models in light of data collected while operating.
use Reinforcement Learning (RL) algorithms that can help estimate, account for and even reduce uncertainty
can cope with the uncertainties of finite – even small – amounts of data
can favour decisions that loop back fresh information to models
use Game Theory to operate in multi-agent settings
can cooperate – and compete – by inferring what humans and other AIs are trying to do”.

ZigZag Global “ZigZag Global is a B2B software platform that helps retailers manage and resell returned stock in local markets. ZigZag provides a retailer branded returns portal that links from the returns page on your website that allows your customers to return an item. Our software makes intelligent decisions to decide where is best to send the return to a ZigZag warehouse so we can consolidate, resell or refulfil to another customer. By using the ZigZag returns platform, retailers can save money on returns, customers can get faster refunds and stock will be back in the supply chain and available for sale more quickly”.

“Working to pre-agreed margins and timelines, ZigZag can list your returned stock on over 20 global marketplaces in 8 different languages until sold, on a revenue share basis. Once the item sells, you will be credited for the sale, turning your returns into cash. Marketplace fees may apply”. In addition, Zigzag will route items “intelligently to where they have the highest propensity to sell”. The unique approach of this forward – looking startup has detailed, thought throughout steps on cost controlled returns, tracked returns, warehouse only option, payment options, speed, grading, consolidation, fulfillment, packaging, resale, white label service, intelligent routing, sustainability, paperless returns, recycling and destroying goods and much more. Earn returns from your investment in rental income and capital growth. “ is an online investment platform enabling everyone to invest in expertly chosen property portfolios, from £100. Once you’ve invested, your money is entered into the next fortnightly cycle to buy shares in your chosen property portfolio. Before investment, it’s held securely in a segregated account at a major UK high street bank. Your investment is spread across the properties in your chosen portfolios. You now own a slice of expertly chosen homes. Your investment will reflect the change in property prices and the rental income these homes generate. The value of your shares will change after every fortnightly investment cycle, which will be shown on your dashboard. Rental income is automatically reflected in the value of your shares. You can choose to receive this income quarterly as a dividend, or reinvest into property, compounding your returns. As more people invest in the funds, money is used to buy more properties. As the portfolios grow, your investment is automatically spread across each property added to the fund. Properties and tenants are managed on your behalf, in conjunction with our partner Touchstone. We are committed to providing tenants with an excellent renting experience. Submit a request to withdraw at anytime online via your dashboard. We do not lock you in to a minimum investment period, and there are no withdrawal fees”.

LFA Modern approach to PR at affordable prices. Startup founder Rosie Davies business motto: “Being all things to all people is a recipe for mediocrity.”
“Ready to cut your monthly PR spend but still get great results?
LFA online coverage “LFA’s brands were featured online countless times in 2017 in publications like Emerald Street, The Pool, Evening Standard and The Independent, increasing our client’s website traffic by 200%”. Printed coverage “We gained over 250 pieces of print coverage for our brands in 2017 in some of the UK’s best publications. Our brands were featured in Red, Woman & Home, The Guardian, Stella, YOU Mag, Sunday Times Style, ES Mag, Stylist and more”. Influencer coverage “2017 was the year of Instagram, and we worked with over 100 influencers including @dresslikeamum, @mother_of_daughters, @eimearvarianbarry, @kavitacola, to name a few”. Great and innovative startup that changed the concept of PR. The website is amazing, the concept is of the future and story of success behind it is inspiring because the founder of this startup struggled with severe dyslexia from an early age ( source). Davies is also a founder of PRdispatch.

At you will learn how to do your own PR, 39 pounds per month and you will get top UK press contacts. If you are selling products online, PR dispatch is for you. From the founder “In 2011 I was first introduced to PR through an internship at an independent brand. With no budget, contacts or previous training, I quickly achieved magazine coverage. Great product and understanding publications was key. I was shocked to find out that traditional PR retainers started at £3,000 p/m.
2 years later I founded the multi award-winning London Fashion Agency. To date, our team has gained over 600 pieces of magazine coverage for independent brands with our affordable approach to PR.

Now, through PR Dispatch, we are giving independent brands everything they need to maximise their chances of press coverage from £39p/m.

I know that brands can sell their product better than anyone else, so why not sell it to magazine editors and spend the thousands you would have spent with an agency somewhere else. I believe this is the future of gaining magazine coverage.”

– Rosie Davies,
Founder of PR Dispatch & The London Fashion Agency

Floom Beautifully arranged bouquets by independent florists, for any occasion. The company is always looking for talented and passionate local florists. The reason why Floom chooses local independent florists – “It’s not always easy to find beautifully crafted bouquets when ordering flowers online or dashing to your local supermarket. That’s why we celebrate the amazing local florists who bring true passion and talent to every flower arrangement they assemble”. This fantastic UK startup is coming to the Big Apple.

Funding Invoice “Historically, the business world has been reliant on banks for funding which can be difficult when banks are unwilling to lend – not to mention the slow processes, hidden costs and complicated contracts often associated with borrowing from the bank.
Funding Invoice offers a new take on an old method of funding your business. We’ve taken factoring & invoice discounting, removed some of the inefficiencies and built an online platform where businesses can raise fast and flexible finance.

Borrow against your invoices with Funding Invoice – stop waiting for payment!” Issue invoice in the morning, get paid later the same day, no contracts. “There’s just one fee to use us – a small percentage of your invoice. There are no set-up fees, monthly fees or hidden fees. All investments are backed by invoices owed by blue-chip companies and are verified by Funding Invoice”.

The Profs Professional Private Tutors “We connect students, professionals and companies that are in need of academic help with a network of highly-qualified professional self-employed private tutors and education consultants.
We are creating a knowledge sharing platform whereby value-added and personalised academic support can be provided to students at all levels in any subject wherever they are.

The Profs works with 300+ vetted educators that have worked with around 3000 students globally in subjects as diverse as finance, statistical modelling, econometrics, epidemiology, accounting, JAVA, and the bio sciences. They consist of university academics, PhD students, professional private tutors, retired executives and entrepreneurs with a strong academic background”.

Great App for pregnancy and motherhood, for all the worried moms and future moms this app will give you a peace of mind. “What’s the best thing about getting daily pregnancy tips and weekly new mom tips personalized to your exact stage? It’s that they’re completely free! You’ll get an update on baby’s growth, 2 tips for your healthy lifestyle and an inspirational quote for good measure. Ever wonder how many days to go before your due date? With our daily due date countdown you always know how long until your special day. Don’t worry moms, we haven’t forgotten about you! We’ll show you the age of your little one in days and months. Whether you want to read an article on safer skincare, try a nutrient-rich recipe, listen to a meditation podcast, follow along with workout video in your home or skim an informative infographic – how you stay informed is up to you. However you learn best, we’ve got you covered”.
Transformify “CSR Recruitment Platform helping businesses to access global talent, transfer secure payments, enter new markets, and boost sustainable growth”. Great sales on popular brands. Fashion for less, check it out. “You do the living, we do the laundry” is the slogan for one of my favorite startup. They collect, clean and deliver right to your doorstep. Laundrapp puts a Quality Guarantee on all items.

Property Partner is property investment startup that offers diversified portfolio “Times have changed. So has property investing.
Discover the simpler, safer way to grow your property portfolio – built for the changing times”. Auto-invest is one of the services offered:
“Make automatic investments into properties handpicked by leading UK experts
Earn 5% interest as soon as you deposit funds
We are offering 5% Enhanced Rental Income on all new residential listings, up from an average rental yield of 3.4%*”.
About Property Partner experts: “We’re proud to have a world-class property team, who make up 8 of the 50 employees at Property Partner. They’re led by one of the UK’s top experts, who previously managed a £500m fund and sits on the residential committee for the British Property Federation. Our team review over 2,500 properties a month, select the best, and harness deep market knowledge to negotiate quality deals. With combined experience of 110 years, 31,880 units and £2.25 billion, you’re in safe hands”.

OFF3R offers to Learn, to Compare and to Invest. You will also find the latest reviews of the investment platforms.
“Compare some of the best Lifetime ISAs in the market with OFF3R. Learn about the new Lifetime ISA and how government will contribute an additional 25% bonus on your investments until you’re 50. Compare some of the best stocks and shares ISAs in the market with OFF3R. Where you invest in a variety of different markets with any profit gained exempt from income and capital gains tax. Compare some of the best self-invested personal pension providers in the market with OFF3R. Where your investment is held in a tax wrapper until you retire and begin to draw a retirement income. Compare some of the best robo-advisors in the UK with OFF3R. Where a company will invest your money on your behalf in a portfolio of investments.
Compare some of the best Innovative Finance ISA rates available with OFF3R. Where you invest in P2P Lending or Bond products that are wrapped in a tax wrapper allowing investors to lend money and receive interest and capital gains tax-free.
Compare some of the best peer to peer (P2P) lending companies and rates in the UK with OFF3R. Where you lend money to small businesses and individuals.
Compare some of the best crowd bond and mini bond platforms and rates in the market with OFF3R.
Compare some of the best equity crowdfunding opportunities and platforms in the UK with OFF3R. Where you invest in start-up businesses.
Compare some of the best EIS and SEIS funds available with OFF3R.
Compare some of the best property crowdfunding platforms in the market with OFF3R. Where you invest in the property market alongside other investors.
Compare some of the best Foreign Exchange or Forex trading sites with OFF3R”.
Great and intelligent startup to learn about investing, to compare different options, to read on the latest reviews, find the options that suits you the most and to invest.

LeadStream supplies leads for specific markets as Life Insurance, Mortgage, Debt Management and more. LeadStream will do the homework for you
“Spend More Time Doing Business –
Not Chasing Business

What if your advisers could speak only to people who actually want to hear from them? Think how much more business you would do. LeadStream delivers hot key transfers and booked appointments from internet-generated premium leads directly to your advisers.
Higher Transaction Values
Exceptional Contact Rates
Up To 42% Conversion Rate”.

This sums it up for my list of top 15 UK startups.

The future belongs to daring and innovative minds ❣

Stay tuned, the next stop on the globe of top startups is California, USA 🇺🇸 on  Euphoria Athena & Tyche is the best start for startups globally.

Startups of Switzerland

I will travel the globe 🌍 virtually and physically to bring the most interesting startups to you. Some are funded by investors and already making a significant impact in different industries and some are “under radar” startups at the beginning stages with a big idea and business plan to bring it live. Euphoria Athena & Tyche is showcasing eco friendly new age startups, gathering the most innovative & brilliant entrepreneurs, high technology and eco friendly solution that “can protect the environment in a profitable way” (B. Piccard), targeting all groups of people to be beneficiaries of this solution.

Here is the list of the top 15 startups of Switzerland. There is no particular order of countries of startups.

Solarimpulse foundation that built an airplane powered only by the sun is introducing “1000 Solutions to change the world” by joining World Alliance for Efficient Solutions in order to improve quality of life on earth.

“We need to embrace clean technologies and efficient solutions, because they are much more than ‘ecological’ , they are ‘logical’. They create jobs and generate profit, while also reducing CO2 emissions and preserving natural resources. Even if climate change didn’t exist, they would make sense. Clean growth is much better than the dirty status quo we have today.”

BERTRAND PICCARD new business search engine. “ is the first intelligent answer engine because it is based on semantic information recognition and offers users intuitive help in their search for answers”.  One of a kind anonymous search engine.

Demiurge Technologies
A Switzerland-based artificial intelligence startup developing the next generation of artificial neural networks and brain chips for mobile robots.
“Daring minds” they call themselves. Daring minds indeed:
“ Demiurge is not a good place for hedgers playing safe above anything else, followers swimming with the tide of collectivism, gamblers favoring blind hunches, gossipers living upon hearsay, or sentimentalists indulging unaccountable feelings”. Great all around: technological aspect and attitude.

MemoMab “platform creates a recombinant in vitro copy of an individual’s B cell / antibody repertoire, which is then banked as a library. The resulting unique, large and relevant antibody libraries represent the individual’s immune repertoire and are expected to contain an unprecedented number of relevant and rare antibodies. This leads to entirely new possibilities in immune repertoire analysis and antibody discovery”. Potential discovery of vaccines to prevent cancer and other terminally ill diseases making it the startup of the future.

Bone surgery reinvented by AOT (Advanced Osteotomy Tools) by inventing Carlo system (Cold Ablation Robot-guided Laser Osteotome) that can cut bone with the laser and cold laser technology.
“50 years of research on medical laser technologies have achieved impressive results, especially in dermatology and ophthalmology. Until now, however, no solution had been found in the field of orthopaedic surgery to the problem of keeping bone tissue vital and intact at the site of the laser incision. This has now been achieved by AOT AG with the ground-breaking invention of the CARLO® system (Cold Ablation Robot-guided Laser Osteotome). This system allows for the direct collaboration of man and machine by means of a small, lightweight, and custom-designed tactile robotic arm, as well as navigation and control software and its corresponding hardware. All of these elements are combined in an ergonomic system, which fits easily into the operating room and allows the surgeon full control over this universal osteotomy device at any time. CARLO® is thus the world’s first medical, tactile robot that can cut bone without contact and with cold laser technology. The device allows the surgeon to perform bone operations with unprecedented precision, and in freely-defined, curved and functional sectional configurations, which are not achievable with conventional instruments.”

The first weeding robot that
will reduce herbicide by 20x “Thanks to the precise detection and discriminating spraying of weeds”.
“Works up to 12 hours a day without a human operator – solar powered, no rechargeable batteries”.
“Lightweight – 130 kg design minimises soil compaction – reliable, robust and non-hazardous”.
Great startup to help prevent what scientists predict to be an unprecedented famine in years to come.

Another startup to prevent a probability of future famine occurrence is Gamaya by using AI. “Gamaya improves efficiency and sustainability of farming businesses by offering compelling agronomy solutions, enabled by hyperspectral imaging and artificial intelligence”.

Next generation therapy that will treat diseases in Ophthalmology and Oncology
“Molecular Partners has a strong focus on creating differentiated therapies for retinal diseases including wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD) and diabetic macular edema (DME), two diseases leading to loss of vision.
While protein therapies such as antibodies and natural proteins have changed medicine, they are usually designed to treat only one disease target. In contrast, multi-benefit DARPin® therapeutics function as a team. Instead of just one treatment for a complex disease, we can bring together multiple small proteins with high specificity and potency to inhibit multiple disease-specific targets in a single medicine. These characteristics make DARPin® proteins ideal agonistic, antagonistic or inhibitory drug candidates”.
The technology – “DARPins® therapeutics are a new class of small protein therapeutic agents derived from natural ankyrin repeat proteins, one of the most common binding proteins in nature and responsible for diverse functions, such as cell signaling and receptor binding.
Our DARPin® therapies are built around our mono-DARPin® proteins, which are robust and potent proteins that bind to a single specific target. DARPin® proteins can treat a single validated disease pathway (mono-DARPin® therapy) or efficiently combine two or more mono-DARPin® proteins to form multi-DARPin® proteins that bind to multiple targets (or multiple epitopes/sites on a single target) without changing the fundamental attributes of the mono-DARPin® protein” offers unique approach to code quality “Manage it as a water leak, fix the leak before you mop the floor!”
The company offers SonarQube
“Automatic code review tool to detect bugs, code smells and vulnerability issues. Easy to integrate with DevOps toolchains”. Another product offered is SonarLint “IDE extension for real-time code quality feedback. Assists developers to deliver cleaner code as they work”. Code Analyzers will “Find the trickiest and nastiest bugs and quality issues, using the most advanced techniques of static code analysis such as symbolic execution and data flow analysis.. on 20 programming languages”. Different plans are available including free and open source platform.

Kuros Biosciences Innovation in bone healing and tissue repair by introducing KUR-111 “KUR-111 is a product candidate that has been specifically designed as a bone graft that safely and effectively regenerates bone, without having to resort to a harvesting procedure.”
a natural matrix (fibrin) to allow for the natural healing process to proceed, with
-a potent, targeted biologic (“PTH”) to augment the healing response; and
-a structural ceramic component to provide mechanical stability during the healing process.

Detectors Arktis designed detection systems “Arktis designs and manufactures advanced integrated detection systems that detect and categorize radiological and nuclear materials with an unprecedented level of accuracy”.

Track your cycle with Ava bracelet “Wear the Ava bracelet at night for effortless insight about your fertility, pregnancy, and your health”. Cycle is tracked by using 9 physiological parameters:

Resting pulse rate

Breathing rate

Heart rate variability ratio



Bio impedance

Heat loss


Data quality

Kandou “KANDOU specializes in the design of high-speed, and pin- and energy-efficient chip-to-chip links, SerDes, and associated technologies.
Demand for bandwidth in serial links has increased as industries require both high-quantity and high-quality information. KANDOU BUS has developed a unique approach to serial link design that increases the bit-rate and the reach for a given physical communications link and reduces the power consumption. As a result, more bits can be sent per unit of energy, or less energy can be used to achieve a given bit rate.
Less energy means available power can be used for more speed, greater battery life, smaller dies or novel designs that shatter many of today’s constraint”.

Innovative technology by Flisom, designers of solar panels Their vision is to unable solar energy in ways not possible before. “We are working to make this a reality. Today, most of the world still relies on heavy and rigid silicon-based modules, encapsulated in glass – standard 60-cell and 72-cell module design. Our flexible and lightweight panel technology platform is built from the very beginning with the widest application possibilities in mind”.

Skioo let’s you access more than 45 ski resorts and “Finally, you can make the most of what the Swiss Alps have to offer!”

“If you’re a skier or a snowboarder looking to get the most of Switzerland’s best resorts, then Skioo is the perfect solution for you. Simply link your keycard to your Skioo account and head straight to the slopes, ahead of all your ski buddies. Over 45 amazing ski resorts are at your disposal this season. Have an epic season with Skioo! No need to understand complex lift ticket rates. With Skioo, you effectively pay as you ski. To ensure you get more bang for your buck, Skioo will always charge you in accordance with the resort’s best corresponding rate”.

This sums it up for my list of top 15 Switzerland startups.

The future belongs to daring and innovative minds ❣

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