Shopping Ideas With Sustainable Brands

Shopping ideas with sustainable brands is an amazing opportunity to protect the environment, and as a bonus there is a story that each brand will share with you.

Check out some super ideas to put under the Christmas tree, Chanukah gifts and other special holidays.

For Happy Genie it’s a debut. Please support this promising startup on Social Media by sharing it.

Happy Genie is making the worlds first luxury vegan handbags out of apples!

Extraordinary Green fashion Milo+Nicki made of banana waste and vegetable dyed by hand will make an unforgettable gift.

Price: Flip-it and reverse-it blouse is $109, and the go-long wide leg pant is $179

H&M is a beautiful sustainable brand that also launched “Bring it on” campaign to recycle unwanted garments and reduce wastage.

Zara The collection – under Zara’s eco-label ‘Join Life’ – is made with eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, recycled wool and forest-friendly wood fibre.

All factories that produce the Join Life garments are powered by renewable energy and use water-efficient manufacturing processes. Source Climate Action.


“The US branch of the French cosmetics giant L’Oréal has been recognised as the top performing global company on sustainability.

Newsweek’s Green Ranking constitutes an annual assessment of the sustainability performance of the largest companies in the US, based on 8 sustainability and environmental indicators including energy use, emissions, water management, and third-party oversight mechanisms.



“Adidas sustainability action plan to go green by 2020. Since then, they have begun water-less dyeing to end the use of water and process chemicals as well as produced a full running line featuring t-shirts, tanks, tights, skirts and shorts with 95% pattern efficiency (only 5% waste). They recently also announced a swimwear line made from recycled ocean trash.” Source Urban Meisters

Allbirds Wool Cool Sustainable Footwear

Use Recycled bottles in addition to other materials.

“Recycled plastic bottles find new life as Sugar Zeffer straps. Reincarnation is a beautiful thing.”
Happy Shopping!


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