New project from Euphoria: Worldwide Campaign to End Hunger

I would like to share the project that I and my co-founder created. The project “Eco-friendly solutions in high-tech”. The project is about eco-friendly solutions in high tech that will protect the environment and improve the quality of life of people around the globe.

The problem we are addressing is the following:

-One-third (by some sources the amount is greater) of the food produced around the globe is waisted, which is worth roughly $1 trillion. Food waste is dumped in landfills, producing methane, ultimately leading to acute climatic problems.

To solve this problem we would like to offer:

– To Properly utilize extra food. To do so by distributing leftovers to people in need. The benefit from this eco-friendly solution is to feed the hungry and to preserve the environment by not waisting food.

We created Worldwide campaign to fight hunger.

“1 in 9 people go to bed hungry each night. That’s 795 million people on the planet who suffer from chronic hunger, according to the United Nations World Food Program. 1 billion children worldwide are living in poverty and hunger. The U.N. forecasts that an additional 2 billion people will be lacking food by 2050”

The humanity progressed greatly making a giant leap forward, so is hunger should be a thing of a past.

Restaurants with extra food and people in need please contact us at or 201-771-2121. Investors please use the same contact information.

Another major problem we would like to address is water pollution.

Water ensures the life on the planet. It’s the oxygen that we breath, it’s the water that we drink, it’s the food that we eat.

Water pollution is a global problem. Plastic debris floating in the waters of ocean, sea and river potentially poisoning live creatures and leading to a variety of secondary effects. Plastic takes 400 years to degrade in water. Water pollution leads to environmental degradation of aquatic ecosystems which leads to public health problems. Moreover:

– great amount of money is spent annually on conventional plastic packaging, mainly single use plastic.

To help solve this problem we would like to offer:

1. Using substitute to plastic.

2. Recycling plastic.

The distributors for substitute to plastic as well as investors please contact us or 201-771-2121.

We are always searching for eco-friendly solutions, ways to implement the technology and share it with people on our website Euphoria Athena & Tyche, We showcase eco-friendly, new age startups. Startups with avant-garde concepts, high technology and eco-friendly solutions that can protect the environment in a profitable way, targeting all groups of people to be beneficiaries of this solution. The slogan for our website is “Extraordinary Startups that Ordinary People could benefit from”.

We organized a Forum “Eco-friendly Solutions in High Tech” once a year to share and exchange knowledge on how to protect the environment.

Thank you for reading! Please spread the word and support this great project to protect the environment and improve the quality of life of every person!